Preview: Explode Hordes of Sweet Little Kittens in ‘Kittypocalypse’


Kittypocalypse is a tower defense game from Bolvërk Games that gives you a single mission: stop the kitties at all costs.

Ok, they’re not really sweet little doe-eye kitty cats, but rather evil aliens disguised as such, and that’s what makes me feel okay about watching Tesla coils zap them to black char, or seeing heavy duty missiles lobbed into a dense crowd and making them fly into the air. They’re trying to take over the world, you know. Take no alien-kitty prisoners.


Tower defense games may be pretty old school cool, but Kittypocalypse doesn’t compare to your standard flash game. The game only allows you to place battlements in certain pre-defined spots on the board, so it becomes more of a tactical challenge to find just the right mix of lasers, gatling guns, or rapid firing missiles to stop the horde of waddling kittens trying to invade the core of your base. And because of this, each level promises to be a new puzzle to crack.

When playing the demo level of Kittypocalypse, I noticed that alien-kitties preferred certain passages on their way to my base—another variable that will have you racking your brain with the split-second decision of tower upgrades so you can effectively control the flow of invaders.

While the game starts out with a zoomed out view of the floating island, you can zoom in far enough to see the sweet, demure looks on the little kitty faces as they explode to high heaven, and move around the island to see it from any angle. I usually kept it zoomed out so I could keep a better eye on my battlements, but once I got my defense strategy down (after 4 games lost in a row) I began to enjoy hopping around the cartoon-like carnage around me.

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Featuring more than 20 maps to battle across with diverse terrains like deserts, forests, and mountain peaks, Kittypocalypse will be bringing the kitty exploding action to Oculus Rift in spring of this year, and PSVR and HTC Vive on their respective launches.

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