Preview: ‘Korix’ is a Deceptively Simple Cross Between RTS and Tower Defense


The blocky architecture of Korix may look simple, but in this real time strategy-meets-tower defense, appearances can be deceiving. Warning: you may be overwhelmed with the sudden urge to flip over the virtual game board.

Korix is a retro-style real time strategy (RTS) tower defense game from indie studio Stellar VR that draws on inspiration from the 8-bit era of gaming. Like many tower defense games, you’re tasked with building your walls and weapons to fend off waves of attacking enemies—some slow, some fast, and always progressively harder to kill.

korix stellar vr 2
limited health and wealth in your mana pool

But don’t be so quick to wall yourself up against the horde of laser-shooting rectangle men, because to win in Korix you need to send out offensive units too; soldiers and tanks, all needed to destroy the enemy base. And they can’t very well escape your side of the map if you’re laying down loads of impenetrable walls.

Download ‘Korix’ Demo

Finding the right mix between offensive and defensive isn’t easy, especially when you have a dwindling mana pool that requires you to make tough (and fast) decisions on the architecture of your base, and the number and type of units you plan to send out. Personally, I found the “build a giant wall” technique to help in the earlier stages of the game, because its let you amass a giant wave of soldiers (who patiently wait behind your walls) that can then be released by cancelling a chosen section. But as the game gets progressively harder, and the playing board gets larger and more diverse, you kind of need to wing it until you hit the right mix. More often then not I found myself going to Angry Birds-levels of existential frustration with Korix.

korix stellar vr
no moral quandaries here – just launching a Nuke in ‘Korix’

The full game, which is available directly from Stellar VR for $7.99, is estimated take take 2-3 hours to play through in campaign mode, but the studio plans on releasing monthly updates (free) that will include new levels, units and defensive weaponry.

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Korix is currently running a Steam Greenlight campaign for their built-for-VR game (also playable on traditional monitors), and provided it gets enough support, it may also include a multiplayer version in 2016. Korix is targeting both Oculus Rift and SteamVR platforms, which will hopefully bring hands into the mix with the respective Oculus Touch and SteamVR hand controllers. The current DK2-compatible version relies on either Xbox controller or keyboard for input.

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