‘Prison Boss VR’ Headed to PSVR Next Week, Launch Trailer Here

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Prison Boss VR (2017) is a prison-themed crafting and trading game that launched on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift last August. But starting next week, PSVR owners will be able get in on the fun of clandestinely crafting tools, furniture and all sorts of things to trade your fellow inmates.

Coming December 4th to PSVR, Prison Boss VR essentially turns your room into your very own bared jail cell, replete with toilet, sink, and cupboard for hiding your rolling tobacco, papers, alcohol, self-penned erotica, and resultant stacks of money you collect along the way.


The dopey egg-shaped guards are always bounding around on patrol, so you’ll have to watch your back so they don’t bust you and take all of your hard-earned kit and cash. If you’re quick and keep your head on a swivel, you’ll be able to build your reputation, unlock new crafting items and furniture, and eventually become the prison boss.

Prison Boss VR was developed by Montréal-based indie studio Trebuchet, and currently holds a very respectable 89% rating on Steam, giving it a ‘Very Positive’ user review rating.

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  • PJ

    Trailer doesn’t do it justice, this is an excellent game

    • jj

      sold im getting it!

      • PJ

        Good call, it’s a really good room scale game, I think there’s a demo on steam

        • jj

          even better!


    Such an awesome idea for a stationary VR game! Anyone who played this know what happens when you become prison boss? I assume you never leave your cell, so wondering how your status is shown in game, maybe through guards.. or maybe it’s just a title with no real physical presentation. Either way I’m definitely getting this game at some point.