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From the producer of Final Destination, the writer of Pumpkinhead, and the costume creator of Jeeper Creepers comes the first horror franchise shot specifically for the Oculus Rift headset. The campaign for the series has been released on Indiegogo and looks to raise $100,000 for the production of the films.

Hell Mountain Indiegogo

The producers, writers, creature designers working to make Hell Mountain a reality consist of Dar Warison who has been involved with documentary and horror films in the past. He teamed up with Warren Zide who, as the crowdfunding page describes, is a prolific producer known for creating and producing three extremely successful movie franchises which include Final Destination and American Pie. Gary Gerani (a screenwriter, author, noted film and TV historian), who is best known for the creature feature Pumpkinhead, joined the team as well along with Brian Penikas, who created the creature in Jeeper Creepers, for this horror flick. Brian has been bringing interesting characters to the silver screen for about two decades now and will be designing the creatures that will be seen in Hell Mountain.

jeepers creepers creeper creature
Brian Penikas applies makeup to the creature from Jeepers Creepers

According to the creators, the story revolves a shaman character named Old Jonas who will be made to look like an Ozark combined with a hillbilly, possibly with Native American influences. Demons will surface into the terrifying realm of Old Jonas, who is then able to conjure horrifying entities from the trails that the demons leave behind. Practically the entire time, the person wearing an Oculus Rift will feel like there is something lurking near them or flying at them or even crawling on them, say the creators of the film.

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There’s a variety of perks for those who back the project; everything from a simple personalized thank you note to autographed scripts to movie props and even the directors chair, which will be given away to those who support Hell Mountain. On-screen speaking roles and a chance to die in the move is also available for large backers.

Although this is a film specifically for the Oculus Rift, the Indiegogo project page notes that it will also be released as a cropped version which can be viewed on a 3D theater, a 3D TV or a standard TV. In addition to a digital download option, it will also be available on DVD and Blu-ray as well.

As of now, it is unclear whether the team will be filming with 360-degree camera rigs or not. Regardless of which, we hope the experience will be as terrifying as it is immersive.

For more information about the fundraising campaign, be sure to check out the Hell Mountain Indiegogo page and watch the video describing the project below:

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