At Microsoft’s E3 2017 briefing, the company’s event this year was all about the mid-generation Xbox hardware powerhouse formerly known as Project Scorpio. Xbox One X is the name and it’s coming on Nov 7th this year.

Microsoft’s most powerful console ever, the officially named Xbox X (formerly known as Project Scorpio) will, according to MS, also be the most powerful console in the world.

At Microsoft’s Xbox briefing at E3 2017, the company announced that the new console will arrive on November 7th around the world. The new console will ship with 6 teraflops of power, more than its main competitor, the PS4 Pro, with 4.2 teraflops. Microsoft is using a custom GPU engine on Xbox One X that runs at 1172MHz, a big increase over the Xbox One’s 853MHz and even Sony’s 911MHz found on the PS4 Pro.

The company is hoping this focus on raw grunt and native 4k UHD HDR rendering will give them the Edge against the current leaders in the console race, Sony’s PlayStation 4. And, of course, the console should be powerful enough for impressive VR experiences too. Some hints of this have already been shown with realtime gameplay of Forza 7 running at a claimed native 4k, 60Hz.

Xbox One X will find it’s way to retail on November 7th priced $499.

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  • Dotcommer

    Xbox One X, or as it will soon be know adorably as, “Xbonx”

    • Firestorm185


  • GrangerFX

    Microsoft did not mention VR even once. The only place I did see it was in the Minecraft demo as a platform but not related to the XBox One X.

    • Mei Ling

      No mention of the Oculus/Microsoft partnership where the original idea was to have every Rift work with an Xbox Scorpio console.

      • GrangerFX

        Rift would have been nice to hear about but I am more interested in using those new Windows VR headsets announced recently with the Xbox One X.

        • Darshan

          Finally Rift will not be working with XB ONE X, poor FaceBook poor gamers..

        • Andrew Jakobs

          I think it’s because of those headsets it won’t be supported on initial release. By that time there won’t be that many headsets available and therefore not really interesting to already focus upon.

  • Mei Ling

    Wait hang on. What happened to the other eight successors?

    • Darshan

      Me too wonder..directly version X where are the other eight?

  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Nothing about AR or VR, and they even showed Super Lucky’s Tale and still nothing about VR. They also didn’t mention anything about the multimedia aspects of the XB1X, although it’s running the same OS so I assume that means nothing is changed and you still have OneGuide and I know it has an hdmi input. Overall the presentation was pretty lackluster and nothing they couldn’t have put on a YouTube playlist.

  • Firestorm185

    Also, it’s hilarious that Edge is capitalized in this article. >w<

  • Darshan

    “This is ‘Xbox One X’, Microsoft’s VR Powerhouse Coming November 7th”


    Microsoft can pour ICE cold water over your VR Dreams… We have on stage proof.