Promising Breakout style Virtual Reality game Proton Pulse by Pushy Pixels has pushed past it’s $3000 target in under 7 days but continues aiming high.

Breaking Out

We took a look at Proton Pulse recently and came away markedly impressed with the game’s polished visuals and elegant control scheme. Shortly afterwards, they launched their Kickstarter campaign to help finalise the existing single player mode and days later they’ve soared past their initial target.

Subsequently the project page has been updated with a raft of new stretch goals with some lofty and ambitious targets. If you thought the original target was a touch low for such a promising title, Pushy Pixels have swung in the opposite direction now. However, the heady totals are actually reserved for two unusual goals. At $150k the team promise to release the project as a Creative Commons (open source) project. At $200k, they aim to form an entirely crowd-funded development team. Intriguing.

You can find out more over at the Proton Pulse Kickstarter page, but some of the new game features targeted by the team (although very deliberately NOT tied to a financial goal) are Leap Motion Hand Tracking, Champion Multiplayer and Co-op.



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  • Daan Kortenbach

    Open sourcing Proton Pulse as a stretch goal is a surprising move, I applaud the developers for that.