Even though the original PSVR headset is still getting some new game releases, it’s decidedly a last-gen headset… or maybe even a last-last-gen headset depending upon how you look at it. Luckily the forthcoming PSVR 2 is ready to match the latest and greatest headsets with modern features like passthrough view and a system-wide playspace boundary.

For those who have been waiting six years to upgrade from their original PSVR, the forthcoming PlayStation VR 2 is going to be a huge breath of fresh air. Not only is the headset a big step up in specs, but today Sony shared new features coming to the headset that will finally bring it up to par with the latest headsets.

Passthrough View

Image courtesy PlayStation

One of the biggest differences between most first-gen VR headsets and modern headsets is a passthrough view function which uses the headset’s cameras to let the user ‘look through’ the headset to the outside world. This seemingly simple feature adds a lot of convenience for doing things like finding your controllers or phone, quickly chatting with someone in the room, or checking on the location of a pet, all without taking off your headset.

While many other headsets now offer a passthrough view, most don’t actually do anything other than allowing you to look outside of your headset. PSVR 2 will go one step further to add one of Quest’s best features: passthrough playspace setup.

System-wide Playspace Boundary

Image courtesy PlayStation

Every other VR headset in the same class has long offered a ‘playspace boundary’ which shows players a virtual border outlining their safe area so they don’t bump into furniture or smack their TV. The original PSVR didn’t visualize any kind of custom boundary for the player.

For seated games this isn’t too big of a deal, but for more active games it is—so much so that some PSVR developers had to add their own boundary visualization system for their specific game.

Image courtesy PlayStation

Now with PSVR 2 players will be able to define a custom playspace boundary, and they’ll be able to do so conveniently from within the headset using the passthrough view.

Sony says PSVR 2 will be capable of automatically scanning the player’s space to automatically create a boundary, and players will be able to further customize the area with their controllers.

Stream Yourself While Playing

Image courtesy PlayStation

It’s always been possible to stream and capture VR gameplay with the original PSVR, but with PSVR 2 players with the PS5 HD Camera will be able to include a picture-in-picture view of themselves at the bottom right corner of the screen while they play. It’s not mixed reality, but it appears that players will be cut out from their background automatically, giving more context for those watching.

Beyond being able to put a view of yourself in the corner of your PSVR 2 gameplay, we’re also expecting the headset to finally be able to deliver significantly better streaming and capture quality than the original PSVR, though Sony hasn’t given detail on that just yet.

‘Cinematic Mode’ Returns

Sony also confirmed that PSVR 2 will retain the ‘Cinematic Mode’ of the first headset which allows players to play any non-VR PS5 content on a big screen inside of the headset. This includes regular PS5 games and movies, including support for HDR content at 24, 60, or 120Hz. That’s a nice little bonus because it means anyone buying a PSVR 2 is also getting an HDR display as well. There’s no word yet however on whether PSVR 2 will support stereoscopic video content like 3D Blu-ray movies.

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  • Pulstar44


  • ApocalypseShadow

    Such an embarrassing comment all around. You mean the same console that would have sold 30 million or so by the time the headset releases? Where they are not starting from zero. The same console that plays high quality games like Horizon Forbidden West and Ghost of Tsushima and future games like Wolverine and Spider-Man 2. The console with the leading controller with features no other console or competitor has?

    You mean the same company that still gets accolades for its previous comfortable headset compared to the face pain you get from that stand alone headset or any PC headset?

    You mean the company that specializes in hardware that will have eye tracking, HDR, Sense Haptics, a dedicated 3D sound chip with Tempest Audio, an HD Camera that will be used for sharing your play in VR?

    You mean that same company that will have next gen quality games because they have the power to do so? That have a laundry list of award winning 1st and second Party developers that run “Superman flying around the Earth” rings around any VR competitor’s list of developers who only pump out music DLC and 20 year old PS2 games? With 3rd Party connections already showing their head like with RE8. Same company that put out games on their previous headset like Skyrim and Hitman 3 that are not playable on a stand alone to this day?

    You mean that type of fun? Where Valve can’t match them pound for pound? And a future, expensive stand alone that has no top developers, that will track everything you do just to sell your data, still won’t match?

    • Lulu Vi Britannia

      Requiring a console will always be a major brake. If the PS5 is owned by 30 million people, only those 30 mil people can use the PSVR2.
      Meanwhile, literally everybody can buy a Quest 2. So it’s a 30 million ballpark versus a 7 billion ballpark…

      Also, the PSVR2 starts from zero, just like every new product. People haven’t bought a PS5 in order to play the PSVR2 ; the PSVR2 has to prove itself towards those who bought a PS5.

      Then, you’re mentioning a handful of good PS5 games as if the Quest 2 didn’t have any. Graphics aside (which DON’T define whether a game is good or not), the Quest 2 has just as much fully fedged games. Resident Evil 4 remake, The Walking Dead Saints&Sinners, Medal of Honor VR… And that’s just in standalone mode.

      Even worse, you’re talking about the biggest flatscreen games as if they’d have anything to do with VR. Yes, PS5 has Spiderman 2. So what? It won’t run in VR.

      The idea that PS5 controllers are the best is up to debate. The haptic triggers and the motion sensors are gimmicks. Although I love the idea of haptic feedback on triggers, it’s useless, so it doesn’t make the controllers objectively superior in any way. The Xbox One controllers still have the best form factor.

      With all that said, the PSVR2 does seem like a great headset. But it doesn’t mean we should lick Sony’s boots for anything they’ve released.

      (Also, Sony tracks your data just as much as Facebook. You should REALLY read the ToS you’re agreeing to…)

      • Trekkie

        You cannot compare standalone VR with tethered VR, which is what you are attempting to do. The PSVR2 needs to be compared with a Quest2 tethered to a PC with atleast a 2080RTX card. And when you do that, the PSVR2 wins.

        • Lulu Vi Britannia

          You don’t get to say what I can or can’t, I do whatever the fuck I want. The Quest 2 doesn’t need a PC, so people can enjoy a full VR experience with it for cheaper than the PSVR.
          And if you compare only with PCVR, this only tampers the price argument. And that’s not even true as long as we don’t know the price of the PSVR2.

        • ApocalypseShadow

          I see that done every day on VR sites trying to compare Quest sales, Quest number of users, Quest games, etc against tethered. Why the double standard?

      • ApocalypseShadow

        Consoles have been around for some time. They aren’t going anywhere and has always generated money. Doesn’t have to be the whole planet.

        Yeah. Because 7 billion people are going to buy a Quest 2. Lol. Who are you kidding? Yes. There ARE gamers that bought a PS5 to play PS VR 2. And PS VR 2 is going to squash those games you mentioned. Sony had games like that on PS2. 20 some years ago. Is Quest getting RE8? Can it run it?

        Did you want to compare Sony’s award winning games for 26 years compared to Facebook? Don’t even try. Did you want to compare 1st Party developers? Thought so.

        Sony had proven again and again why they are the leading console market. You talk as if buying a PS5 is only for VR. You can play all of PS4 games, PSVR games, PS5 games and upcoming PS VR 2 games. Does Quest have Spider-Man? Nope.

        If Sony’s controllers are gimmicks, Quest itself is a gimmick.

        No one should lick anything. But Sony has a better chance with better games and better immersion than the already old Quest 2 that can’t even run Skyrim by itself.

        Yeah. Because the data Sony has from buying their game systems have been used to push their party advertising like Facebook. Don’t lie to yourself. Sony’s not even in the same data league as Facebook.

      • Yusuf Ipekci

        On the contrary. I think requiring a console is a plus.

        A unit that costs 500$ (almost any vr) cannot have best of everything. It should have great lcds, great cameras, great batteries, great controllers, should be lightweight; should have good cpu… You simply cannot have such a unit to render great graphics, and for a VR great graphics is a must.

        over 4k is overkill for any tv. 8k in overkill and noone needs it. but for a VR, 8k is “the minimum” what kind of standalone vr can process that kind of power?

        Requirement of a console is a big plus if you ask me

        • Lulu Vi Britannia

          VR doesn’t need great graphics to be mindblowing, just like videogames in general never needed it. On the contrary, any product needs a large number of potential buyers to work financially.

          Again : if you sell a product that can only be used by 30 million people, only those 30 million people can buy it. Meanwhile, a standalone product is accessible to anyone, so there is much more potential customers.

          It’s not about technology here, it’s about basic marketing. A product that can’t be bought by many people won’t sell well ; meanwhile, a product doesn’t need to be perfect to be sold to the masses. The Quest headsets proved themselves to the VR community, without any need for a console, and it offers true VR for newcomers. The PSVR2 will need to prove it’s worth buying it AND the console with it for those who are interested but don’t already own a PS5, so it won’t attract many newcomers to VR.

          The requirement for a console or a PC is a brake. It also has the advantage of raw power of course, which is why both should be developed. But in no way is console requirement a plus.

  • sfmike

    Exciting features but they better include support for stereoscopic video content like 3D Blu-ray movies as Sony likes to pretend that 3D never existed. Watching 3D content in VR is one of the best ways to enjoy it as there are no brightness or crosstalk issues. Sadly in regards to 3D I have little faith in their promotion of the “Sony 3D World” they have so vigorously buried when it didn’t make them a quick billion. I’m actually surprised they haven’t buried VR the same way they did 3D. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/702bf3700e01ae6d6e78120cce5476b81f044104eb78cabce50279a827d11e03.jpg

  • Cless

    Nice comeback Cary! Totally not embarrassing!