Charm Games, the studio known for the critically-acclaimed VR puzzle game FORM (2017), today announced their upcoming puzzle-adventure Twilight Path is slated to release arrive soon on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Arriving October 2nd on Steam (Vive, Rift) and the Oculus Store (Rift), Twilight Path is a single-player adventure that throws you into a mystical purgatory where you have to escape by solving a variety of VR puzzles while restoring massive stone structures, opening sealed passageways, and rescuing magical creatures from danger along the way.

Twilight Path, at least from our hands-on with an early alpha, appears to have departed entirely from FORM’s inherently dark sci-fi aesthetic, although it has plenty puzzle-oriented gameplay and attention to detail that fans of FORM should recognize despite the new, Studio Ghibli-inspired environment, including anthropomorphic buddies to keep you company along the way.

Here’s a quick blurb of what Road to VR’s Ben Lang experienced while playing the first two chapters of the early alpha:

“My preview lasted about 25 minutes and the interactions throughout were clearly indicated and satisfying to execute. Several moments showed the studio’s FX skill, like when holding the gem from the bracelet and seeing glowing runes floating in the air around it, or when activating the fortune teller machine and seeing a pane of cracked glass appear creating convincing distortions of the image behind it.”

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There’s still no word on what sort of gameplay length to expect from Twilight Path, although it’s being priced at $15—the same as FORM, an hour-long experience. The studio’s upcoming game however promises more narrative elements which hopefully will have us puzzling and exploring for a bit longer in what promises to be a richly-detailed world.

However you slice it, if Twilight Path can offer up the same quality of experience seen in FORM, it appears we’re in for a highly-polished game that’ll easily appeal to newcomers and experienced VR users alike.

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  • Darnana

    I like how the video is titled “Gameplay” when it’s just another heavily doctored, still-camera, 1 second clips video. Oh how I miss the days of real gameplay previews.

  • Raphael

    I had been one of the whiners about FORM being a 1 hour game back when it launched. I played through it last night and it was great! So I have to concede that I do make exceptions to my rule about only buying long or endless VR games.

    • jj

      i couldn’t agree more