Survios, the studio behind Creed: Rise to Glory (2018) and Raw Data (2017), announced its currently developing a VR version of the ’90s tile-matching arcade puzzle game Puzzle Bobble (1994).

Also known as Bust-a-Move in some regions, the game is being developed in partnership with Taito, the Japan-based creators of the original franchise.

“You’ll be able to enjoy the familiar, lovable world of Puzzle Bobble in 3D,” Taito’s Yuichi Toyoma says in a video announcement.

There’s no gameplay video yet, however a concept image shows that the VR adaptation of Puzzle Bobble will involve a hand-held slingshot, challenging users to match-up a colored 3D cluster of bubbles.

Taito also intends on putting all new tracks created by the studio’s in-house sound team, Zuntata.

There’s no release date yet, although we’ll have our slingshots ready when Survios and Taito release word.

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  • Carsten Hoffmann

    wow, Puzzle Bobble! I remember it well from back in the day! There is this SteamVR game called Rainbow Reactor which is quite similar … I wonder if these guys will get sued now. Would be a shame though, fun game!

    • Charles

      I was a fan of the predecessor NES game, Bubble Bobble.

      • Carsten Hoffmann

        yes, when ever I see a picture of Bub or Bob that iconic music starts playing in my head ;D

      • Martin355

        I was a fan of the original arcade version of Bubble Bobble, but also its predecessor Chack’n Pop.

        • Charles

          Interesting, I had no idea there was a predecessor to Bubble Bobble. I’ve played so many NES games I never owned on an emulator, but apparently I never ended up on that one.

  • VR5

    A lot of these old school puzzle games would work well in VR. They don’t even have to be adapted to 3D, just grabbing/manipulating/aiming the items with your hands can make them worthwhile in VR. And you can build new mechanics around choosing what item to use etc.

    • Carsten Hoffmann

      I agree, many seemingly simplistic game ideas become a wholly different thing in VR, due to the immersion and natural feel of the interaction!

  • And it is 90s again! Now I can’t wait for VengaBoys VR…

  • silvaring

    So unexpected. One of the most classic and well known arcade games of all time. Hope the studios involved do it justice.

  • Tunk

    There ist allready a VR Game like this.
    Called Rainbow Reactor and atm on 75% Sale for 4.49€.


    Has a kind of Basketball touch indeed. You dont shot the Balls with a gun, you must through them.