You might have checked out more than a few ways to spend your first $100 on the Quest Store, but the savings are so deep right now that you might just add a few more top VR titles to your shopping cart today to take advantage of the biggest Quest game sale of the year.

Update (December 27th, 2022):  And it’s gone. If you’re still looking for deals on games, and have a VR-ready PC on hand, you can connect via Link or Air Link and play a ton of games through Steam; a ton of highly rated PC VR games are still on sale until January 5th.

From now until December 26th at 11:59 PM PT (local time here), you’ll be able to save up to 50% on some of the top VR games for Quest 2.

Some of the best savings can be found in the multitude of mixed game packs available. Remember: Meta does dynamic bundle pricing, so even if you already have a game in the packs below, you’ll see pricing automatically adjust.

Game Packs by Genre

Originals + Sequels Packs

VisionOS 2 Improvement Targets Key Vision Pro Critique Among Developers

Notable Individual Games

There are a ton of games currently on sale, and you can check out all of the season’s savings here for a complete list of Quest titles currently discounted.

Also, don’t forget to check out all of the best free games and experiences on Quest 2 right now.

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  • penix

    Good to know it’s absolutely morally correct to pirate all Oculus Originals (to be more exact, every VR game that’s exclusive to Oculus Store on pc). They completely ignore Rift to the caliber that they haven’t had their own games in a sale for years. If they don’t want my money, they won’t get my money.

    Btw just bought 70 euros worth of VR games on Steam. Even Blade and Sorcery for 20 euros without sale because no sale is justified by them with being in Early Access and having to finance the game. The only justification Oculus has is that they are incompetent. So yeah, thanks for nothing, Oculus.

    Just wanted to vent my anger about the negligence of the Rift Store. This article is a great overview for a sale that I’m apparently just not worthy enough to get.

    • ViRGiN

      LMAO imagine supporting Steam. You’re not cool by doing that.

      • penix

        Yeah, nice try troll.

        • ViRGiN

          Enjoy your crappy game owned on dead platform

    • Tommy

      While I disagree with pirating, you are correct about the lack of discounts, almost completely, on the Oculus PC store. I also buy most of my games on Steam and even bought a bunch yesterday for 60-90% off.
      BTW, Death Stranding is FREE on the Epic store right now until tomorrow. :)

  • Yup! Thanks to this discount I did a few Christmas gifts!

  • ViRGiN

    Do you get hannukah gifts? Or maybe Ramadan gifts?