Andrew-AbedianSprint Vector is an “adrenaline platformer” racing game that relies upon a unique locomotion technique of swinging your arms in order to run through an obstacle course. It’s the latest game from Raw Data developer Survios, but with a much more light-hearted stylized art aesthetic that has a unique mash-up of a game show, extreme sports, and a competitive racing game with an Sonic-inspired obstacle course. It’s also a unique combination of active exercise with a combination of embodied and abstracted gameplay mechanics.

I had a chance to catch up with Sprint Vector game designer Andrew Abedian at GDC where we talked about the mechanics of racing, the internal habits that are being formed by Survios developers, the intensity of exercise and stamina required to play the game, achieving flow states, and it’s potential to evolve into a competitive eSport. It’s a super fun experience to watch other people play either in a tournament competition in mixed reality or just as a quirky form of VR performance art (examples down below).


Sprint Vector is now ready for Beta Sign-ups here.

Here’s a number of examples of different styles of people playing Sprint Vector

Gameplay footage from GDC:

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  • Darren Burns

    Looks fantastic

    • J.C.

      Gotta say, I’m pretty excited about this game. Right now the only game the VR rig works well for with other people is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and it’s great fun for a bit. Something like this that’s more physical seems great, but I’m gonna need to have the a/c on full blast or the headset’s gonna be a slimy, sweaty mess.

      • guest

        Yeah, the hardware will slip off and break in no time. Good for the hardware business, and people will be scuffing themselves up playing these sort of games. Good for the bandage business!

        • towblerone

          Congratulations! You’re an idiot!

          • Mable Sharkfin

            LOL you’re the idiot!

  • towblerone

    Loving this. Can’t wait to buy it.

  • Mable Sharkfin

    These do NOT work. When people sweat, the Vive collects it and eventually breaks. VR is not ready for high intensity workout games yet.