‘Realworld’ Aims to Bring a Multiplayer ‘Google Earth VR’ Alternative to Quest & More

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Google Earth VR, which is available today on PC VR, is a breathtaking way to explore our fascinating planet. But one major missing feature is the ability to do so with friends. With Google unfortunately abandoning many of its VR initiatives, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a version of Google Earth VR with multiplayer, let alone Quest support. Luckily, Realworld aims to deliver a multi-user immersive map application to Quest, PC VR, and AR devices.

Cubic VR founder Haldun Kececigil today revealed a new in-development app called Realworld which allows users to immersively explore the world by leveraging data from Bing Maps. A video shows the app running on Oculus Quest with hand-tracking:

The video also shows the app’s multiplayer-first focus, including the ability to annotate the map, import 3D models, access street view photography, and more.

The studio behind the app says it’s building Realworld with Quest as the “primary platform,” but support for PC VR, mobile AR, and head-worn AR is also in the works.

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Realworld developer Haldun Kececigil tells Road to VR that the app aims to support cross-platform multiplayer, even between VR and AR devices. While the app is still in early development, Kececigil expects it will be a useful tool for architects, planners, and developers, beyond those who just want to explore the globe together.

Interested users can visit the Realworld site to sign their interest in beta testing the app, and to stay informed of its eventual launch.

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  • Ballsy VR

    Well, it’s a step, but having a diorama in front of you isn’t the same as being at 360° 3D street level in accurate scale.

    • Ossie

      The diarama mechanic certainly would aid the multiplayer aspect. Without it, one would constantly have to chase down the other participants. Perhaps a full 360 immersive accurate scale is an option?

    • dk

      u can make the window big and u can go down to 1to1 scale did u watch the video

  • Ad

    This definitely isn’t a full alternative but it’s interesting. Personally I’d like to see this inspire some PCVR city builders.

  • dk

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAmHkPfwVzQ someone …maybe the same people were trying to make this a while back ….hope it’s out soon

  • Cool. I made a prototype with Bing Maps too, the problem is that they were worse than Google maps 1 year ago… don’t know if now they’re better thanks toFlight Simulator…

    • Megan Ward

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  • I’d love to show this to my city’s planning department!

  • It’s a little dishonest. I’ve had lots of time with Google Earth, and I don’t think 3D landscape scans load that quickly even if you were at Google itself, loading up the scan in the server room! Maybe if you pre-cached some locations you could get performance like that. It’s a mind-numbing amount of data to comb through and send over the internet, it’s not quick.

    It might be a fun way to do virtual sight-seeing with another person, but it would also be a bit like one of those iso-metric dungeon crawlers: If you go one way and your buddy tries to go the other, some arguments are going to ensue. Might work best if you can ditch your comrade and allow them to teleport back to you at their leisure.

  • Adil

    I would like they add a simple plane to flight in virtual reality over Google Earth VR app.

  • Do you really need to include the name Quest on every article? The title should say “…alternative to VR and AR”

  • Brandon

    too bad Google has abandoned Google Earth VR, it has so much potential

  • nevaeh


  • student Nevaeh Jones
  • student Nevaeh Jones