‘Rec Room’ Reveals New Virtual Obstacle Course Mini-game ‘Stunt Runner’

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Social VR activity hub Rec Room today introduced a new mini-game called ‘Stunt Runner’. Looking a bit like Sprint Vector, the game will have players speeding through a virtual obstacle course.

Set for launch in September, ‘Stunt Runner’ will pit four players in a virtual race with wall running, climbing, vaulting, bouncing, and more.

‘Stunt Runner’ will come as a free update, joining a host of other mini-game activities in Rec Room, a widely cross-platform social VR app which also allows players to build their own user-generated rooms and activities.

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‘Stunt Runner’ will also support non-VR Rec Room players; developer Against Gravity has steadily rolled out non-VR access to the game, currently available on PC, PSVR, and iOS

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  • PJ

    I love the way the devs keep updating the game, though do think it’s gone downhill with the influx of non VR players, there’s something about the lack off interaction with them that I find off putting

    • sfmike

      Non-VR players are always a mistake.

  • Talon1

    Rec Room really is a shining star of VR. I play with my kids and we have a blast. It’s super creative as well, in a geeky kind of way. There’s a lot to it and will take a few weeks to get your bearings.

  • Raphael

    I’m so relieved I never got into this game looking at “stunt runner”.