Magic Leap, the mysterious augmented reality headset company, has apparently begun shipping its first wave of Magic Leap One AR systems to partners in limited numbers.

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” Bloomberg reports a small group of unnamed software developers recently received test units. Highlighting the startup’s ongoing insistence on complete secrecy surrounding their first product, the report maintains recipients must keep the AR headset locked away in a safe.

A Magic Leap spokesman confirmed to Bloomberg that a limited number of devices have gone out to partner developers, but that wider distribution is still slated for later this year.

Image courtesy Magic Leap

The company has announced a few strategic content partnerships in entertainment, including the NBA and Weta Gameshop, although its full list of content partners hasn’t been made public yet. While the Magic Leap SDK is now out in the wild, to date, the company has only shown its hardware in a controlled environment and under the strict confines of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which prohibits users from releasing anything but general impressions.

First officially unveiled in December last year, the Magic Leap One system comes in three pieces: the ‘Lightwear’ AR headset, a tethered ‘Lightpack’ processing unit that clips to your belt, and a 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) motion controller simply called ‘Control’.

image captured by Road to VR

Still one of the greatest sources of insider info on the upcoming AR headset is a Rolling Stone exclusive from late last year that details the Magic Leap One hardware including a rough estimate of the headset’s field of view (FOV). According to Rolling Stone‘s Brian Crecente, the headset’s FOV compares to “a VHS tape held in front of you with your arms half extended.” This is emblematic of the sort of information publicly available on Magic Leap One, as the company is staying mum on definitive hardware specs.

Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014

Magic Leap says the headset itself boasts a “spatial interface [with] multiple input modes including voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking.” The headset’s sensor suite can detect surfaces, planes and objects – something integral to tracking the physical world as digital light-field imagery is ostensibly displayed realistically thanks eye tracking-assisted replication of depth of field.

The system’s real-time computer vision processor is still somewhat of a black box, as it is said to deliver “high-fidelity, gaming-quality graphics, with the power and performance of a laptop computer.”

No release date or pricing is available at the moment, although the company has gone on record to say Magic Leap One will be priced similar to a “premium computer,” and that it would be shipping in 2018.

We’ll hopefully have a better picture of what’s exactly under the hood closer to launch of the Magic Leap One Creator Edition later this year. There’s always anonymous developer leaks, and you can be sure we’ll have eyes peeled for those too.

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    Magic Leap One will be priced similar to a “premium computer,”

    so costs roughly $1,000-$2,500

    who is this aimed at?? I’m still trying to figure out how AR is even remotely interesting in the entertainment space…. For commercial use and /or business AR starts to make sense, but for gaming?? no thanks, i’ll stick with VR

    not to mention it looks even worse than current VR headsets.

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      Just because you lack the imagination to see what could be done in AR gaming, doesn’t mean others will when the tech becomes ubiquitous with much higher fidelity.

      But yes, until they can get the price down (and the specs up) it will be stuck in the realm of industry/business – just like the Hololens. It’s a good proving ground to refine the tech and the manufacturing processes.

      I really don’t understand why everyone negs on these companies for trying to push a new technology forward. Technological revolutions take time and money (and lots of both).

      And if you give a fuck about what you look like with a headset on, then put a sack over your head and do us all a favor.

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      If or when AR can come down in price to… I dunno maybe <=$300, and when it has a field of view that covers all of the user's *actual* field of view, well– it'll be huge. But that could be any number of years into the future still.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

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  • I’ve read in another article that one of the devs refused the device because of the too many restrictions

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    Apple had a patent that looked similar to this tech. Using the iPhone or similar device attached to your belt. I am excited to see what apple will release!

    • Don’t hold your breadth. There are a number of patents that never see the light of day at Apple and many in my opinion are vague, and the reason we need to move to an actual working prototype before awarding patents.

  • Still waiting to be contacted for a developer kit, but since I don’t have $$$$$ behind my name, I highly doubt I am anywhere near the top. Plus, I have been pretty critical of them due to the extremely vague approach of what they are really offering. Who knows maybe the final product will be stunning, but it also will have retail price to match making it that much harder to get a critical mass of apps specifically designed for it especially if their intentions is to control the app ecosystem, making it next to impossible to side-load Indy apps. Of course I am speculating, but that is all anyone can do if you are not on the other side of proverbial wall with all the answers.