Today Magic Leap has launched the Lumin SDK, the toolkit which allows developers to build AR experiences for Lumin OS, the operating system that powers the Magic Leap One headset.

Announced with support for both Unity and Unreal, the Lumin SDK exposes the capabilities of the Magic Leap One headset to developers who can use it to begin building augmented reality experiences for the platform. Magic Leap hasn’t begun selling its first headset, which is due out later this year, so you might be wondering what developers can actually do with the SDK at this stage—fortunately there’s a built in ‘Device Simulator’ which lets developers test their apps with emulated hardware.

The release of the Lumin SDK confirms that the Magic Leap One will include eye-tracking, as Unreal points out among the various headset capabilities supported by the engine:

  • Head tracking
  • Eye tracking
  • Gesture and hand tracking
  • Room scanning and meshing
  • Spatialized audio
  • Microphone input
  • 6DOF hand controller (Totem) tracking
  • Vulkan and OpenGL support
  • Use of Unreal Engine 4’s desktop and mobile forward rendering paths

“Magic Leap has truly created something magical in this combination of hardware breakthroughs and software innovations, which represents a giant leap towards the coming spatial computing revolution,” says Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney.

Interested developers can sign up at Magic Leaps ‘Creator Portal‘ to download various flavors of the SDK, and find documentation, tutorials, and more.

Magic Leap Finally Unveils its First AR Product 'Magic Leap One', Shipping Starts in 2018

Magic Leap hasn’t revealed the price or exact launch date of its secretive AR headset just yet—and we still don’t know several key specs like resolution and field of view—but the company recently said the headset would be priced “like a premium computer” and promised to share more details this Spring. At GDC this week, a sponsored session will see the company offering a “deep dive” on developing for the headset, just in time for the launch of the SDK.

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  • LowRezSkyline

    It’s going to be a real kick in the nuts when they finally announce that 2k+ price tag… sounds fun but man 3D0 all over again.

    • Adrian Meredith

      Not if they are targeting enterprises in which case 2k is pretty reasonable. An old TV costs waaaaay more than this but people still buy them

      • Jim Cherry

        HoloLens enterprise edition cost 3k so I see your point. However ms pivoted HoloLens to that market after the press panned it for its low fov early on.

      • LowRezSkyline

        I would love to hear a valid use case for ‘enterprise’. Perhaps you mean corporate? Aka like at a Disney Attraction type of thing? Sure that might work, but so far I’ve only heard this being described as a consumer product.

        • Dylan

          There is a much bigger market for medical and manufacturing etc applications for AR then there is for gaming, by a massive margin. Tons, and TONS of AR headsets by mfgs you’ve never heard of are sold every single day, in the millions every couple years I would imagine, compared to what consumers get, and this has been a fact for about a decade.

    • Where did you see that it was going to be $2K? I think it will twice this amount, at least for the developer edition.

      • user

        All the rumors from the last 12 months say that the price will be between $1000 and 2000.

        • Depends on what you consider the price of a premium computer, which is that last statement made by MagicLeap. But again just more ethereal garbage from ML. I plan to spend some time with their SDK, but with all the warnings identified in the I am not holding my breath. I hope you are right that it is indeed less than $2000.

        • dk

          no …people were hoping for 1000-2000 ….now most people r saying 2500-3000 if not much more like the DAQRI

          • user

            You havent followed Magic Leap closely enough.

          • dk

            there is absolutely no way it will be cheaper than 2200 and that price will be possible only if they keep getting funding money……one day after a few years they might have a light version that will be super limited for 1500 similar to the useless gglass enterprise edition that is 1800 right now…..and right now they r going for “premium computer” market/dev kit……and yes I am following it super closely everyone trying to suggest that it will be under 2000 is grasping at straws

        • Kaylin Lee

          DOA. people wont pay that

          • user

            many partners have already announced that they work on apps. they will buy the dev kit ;)

          • Kaylin Lee

            it might come down to how realistic and good the porn looks :X

      • LowRezSkyline

        Rony Abovitz said it would be on par with high-end laptops. Most people interpret that to mean either high-end gaming laptops, or high-end MacBook Pro’s. Both are in the 2500+ price range. SO yeah I’m being somewhat optimistic it would *only be 2k*.

        I would expect the developer edition to be priced even higher as you suggest.

  • Guest

    These people are takers. Each time they ask developers for more info and never give at least a reply. Now they are asking for birth dates…

  • Mario Baldi

    Man, I’ve been highly skeptical about MagicLeap, but Tim Sweeney praising the product got me excited again!

    • Danielle

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  • Sean Murphy

    Is the eye tracking going to be like Tobii’s eye tracking?

  • I’ve tried the SDK and the emulator… getting started isn’t hard… the true pain is having to download another version of Unity…