After an excellent partnership of two years, this is the final episode of the Rev VR Podcast that will be published through Road to VR. Ben Lang, Executive Editor of Road to VR joins me for a farewell episode.

Rev VR Podcast – Episode 120

Folks, there comes a time in every podcaster’s life when he has to make some hard decisions about the future. After jumping into the industry full time last year with Studio 216, the regular cadence of the Rev VR podcast became difficult to maintain. Meanwhile, I’ve found hearty engagement with my audience through new and interesting channels like livestreaming, and continue to explore ways to make the podcast and Rev VR brand the best it can be. While that shakes out, I plan to continue the Rev VR podcast on an irregular basis (it will still be available on my website, and through typical podcast outlets). In light of this, the time has come to say farewell to my very supportive partner, Road to VR.

Since the beginning of my partnership with Road to VR in 2014, Ben and I have shared many fun conversations and adventures within the VR world. In this podcast episode, we take a look at a few hot points, including HoloLens, Meta 2, Rift & Vive availability, and of course, Apple’s absence in the VR scene.

I want to thank the Road to VR team, and the dedicated audience they shared with me. I want to encourage everyone to continue coming here for your VR news, as well as a wonderful podcast provided by my good friend, Kent Bye.

Apple Confirms Vision Pro is Launching in China This Year, Going Where Meta Can't

Just to be clear, I’m not stopping my podcast. Though it’s been syndicated by Road to VR over the last two years, the Rev VR podcast has always remained my own independent creation. The Rev VR brand will remain strong as ever while exploring new ways to bring you the best of VR.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or my Email.


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  • Pete

    “Remain strong as ever”? Rev you haven’t put out a Podcast in nearly a month. It’s pretty sad I was one of your biggest followers and would listen to you religiously.

  • Bryan Ischo

    I only listened to the podcast once and was sorry that I did. Thank you RoadToVR for improving your signal to noise ratio by kicking this trash to the curb.

  • Well, that was cryptic

    • Joe Bazaar

      I’m curious what the real RIFT is

      • Indeed. But, such is the high stakes game of VR journalism. The king is dead, VIVE the king.

  • VirtualBro

    Huh, this is odd, I’ve been trying and failing to find the Rev Kyle’s podcast, and sure enough this is the only one from the last few months I can seem to dig up by clicking the tags.

    Has the audience just been too small here or something? Because if so, it might be due to the podcasts not getting published properly.. I mostly access RoadToVr through the RSS feed if that helps

    Clicking the “podcast” and “rev vr” tags at the bottom of this news post failed to turn up podcasts for the last few months too.

    • RoadToVR

      There’s a menu at the top with ‘Podcasts’, the popup then leads to Rev’s output.

      • VirtualBro

        Is it supposed to go straight from 117 to 120? I can’t find any episodes between those two, and I’m having trouble finding ones before that because of all the voices of vr podcasts cluttering up the results (No offense intended to VoVR, but there are a LOT of those, haha)

  • Kraufthauser

    Thanks Rev for all the podcasts and good luck with your next endeavour!