In this episode of the Rev VR Podcast, I am joined by Matt Carrell and Brian Bullard who host the PodVR podcast. Both of them were part of the SVVR Ubercast, and are pioneers in the VR community. We have a great discussion about many hot topics in the VR world.

Hanging out with these guys at the SVVR Conference & Expo really added to my experience. We’ve talked so many times in the metaverse, and I’ve listened to all of their podcasts, so I really felt like I already knew them. To have them on my show was a real treat.

Matt Carrell, aka MattStompz, is responsible for the Stompz motion controllers that were being demoed at the Expo. Matt shares his take on some of the current controller options available in the VR space and we discuss them in detail. This discussion includes some of the newer entries into the race, like ControlVR.

Brian Bullard, aka Bullardo, is working on a top secret virtual reality game.  He does share a few snippets of info about his game, and we discuss some best practices regarding positional tracking.

They also mention the Sacramento VR Meetup and a game jam coming down the road. These guys are doing quite a bit to evangelize and grow the VR community.

I encourage everyone to check out Brian & Matt’s PodVR Podcast:

PSVR 2 Product Page Reveals New Details on Optics & Displays

If you are in the Sacramento area, be sure to check out their SACVR Meetup page as well:

To get more information about Stompz:

Thanks to Matt & Brian for being fantastic guests!

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