rev vr podcast episode 20

Last week I joined host ‘Reverend Kyle’ on the 20th episode of the Rev VR podcast.

Kyle has been giving a voice to the virtual reality community, through the Rev VR podcast, interviewing a number of prominent individuals from the burgeoning world of VR.

For the 20th episode I joined Kyle over Skype to chat VR. The hour long episode has us waxing about CastAR, IfinitEye, HL2VR 1.2, the forthcoming Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2, and more. I also make a launch announcement about a Road to VR sister website that we’re launching (which I can’t actually link to here!) — so be sure to listen in to the Rev VR Podcast!

For podcast subscribers, you can find the Rev VR podcast on Sticher and iTunes.

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  • Mageoftheyear

    Good interview Ben! I especially enjoyed the segment on HL2VR 1.2 and the switch around from to DK2 to DK2 confirmed-ish. Also, good move launching the sister site. Imho its a much better move than simply pretending it isn’t there.