‘Robinson: The Journey’ Hits PSVR Today, Here’s the Launch Trailer (and final dev diary)


Robinson: The Journey is the hotly anticipated PSVR exclusive from Crytek that puts players in the shoes of a lone survivor on an alien planet.

If you’re looking for FPS action, you won’t find it here; Robinson: The Journey is all about exploration, and you won’t be wielding any futuristic weaponry (which might a surprise given that the game was developed by the company know for the Crysis series). Instead, you’ll explore the story of Robin, a boy deserted on an alien planet after something went wrong with the ship that brought him and many others.


By the time you start the game, Robin has been on the planet for nearly a year, so you’re stepping into the boots of someone who has already learned to survive, but you’re still alone—save for a pet dinosaur and a caretaking robot—and searching for clues as to what happened to your ship and whether anyone else has survived.

New 'Robinson: The Journey' Video Shows 5 Minutes of PSVR Gameplay

In addition to the launch trailer above, Crytek has released the third and final dev diary that explores the creation of the game with the team that made it:

Here the developers talk about the creatures you’ll find thriving on Robin’s alien world, and the exploratory scope of the game.

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  • DiGiCT Ltd

    Too bad its only PS version.
    But must say OMG cryengine is so damn beautiful in creating visuals.
    I would have bought it if it was for a PC.

    • David Herrington

      I would assume that since porting isn’t impossible they may eventually send out a PC version as well. Anyone know if its a timed exclusive?

      • DiGiCT Ltd

        Cryengine is multi platform although seems they only choose for PS atm.

  • Mr. New Vegas

    Here is official info of PS4Pro enhancements for this game (copy paste):

    For PS4 Pro players, the technical enhancements Sony has outlined will
    be in evidence – these include higher rendering resolution, enhanced
    SSDO/SSAO lighting effects, longer view distances, higher quality
    texture filtering, and more seamless LOD (level of detail) generation.
    From our side, the scalability of CRYENGINE and the high level of visual
    fidelity it allows for has made the process of supporting both
    platforms very smooth and something that we’re well equipped for.

  • glyphery

    It does look both beautiful and interesting to play, and I’ll certainly consider buying a copy if it’s ever released for the Vive. I confess I was disappointed to learn that the developers haven’t leveraged the protagonist’s epicene name to offer players a choice of character gender. (I suppose even with a space-suited protagonist whose sole companions are a floating robot and a dinosaur, they’d still need to record two sets of audio for all of Robin’s journal entries.)