It Was Only a Matter of Time: The Star Wars Mod for ‘Robo Recall’ is Here


We all saw this one coming, and yet it still looks like a blast. Robo Recall now has an unofficial Star Wars mod that dresses up the game with a fresh coat of paint and new weapons.

With official modding support, Robo Recall is ripe for community adaptation. The other week we saw a mod that added full locomotion support to the game, and now the same modder, tonsta31, is building out a Star Wars mod for Robo Recall.

The video heading this article shows the mod in action, which gives players access to dual lightsabers for chopping and deflecting, as well as a blaster. A number of sound effects have been replaced to give it that Star Wars feel. While the mechanics are much the same as the default Robo Recall, it’s amazing what this coat of recognizable paint adds.

robo-recall-star-warsThe mod is still a work-in-progress, and the author says there’s a number of improvements to come over on the mod’s thread at the Oculus forums:

  • LightSabers in the new version dismember and deflect better and do not act like they are lead pipes
  • Laser projectiles are just there for test purposes and will be replaced.
  • AI have been slightly reworked to come more towards you and now multiple can attack at once (In stock for some reason most wait until you are nearer them or you kill one)
  • There are force powers but not to use as yet.
  • Started rigging Darth and some bots :) :)
  • Will be story driven across multiple levels
    only made by ME and about 20 hrs worth including making the level lol so do not expect much.
  • Regular updates will be for the donators but this thread will be updated too after.

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  • wowgivemeabreak

    Awesome! Tonsta rules with all the mods for this game.

  • Download it before the Copyright police show up

  • Skippy76

    WOW… Im glad i bought a vive and raw data. Robot recall doesnt look as great as the hype for it.

    • Andy

      This a is a mod. Not the game. I’ve played both (rd and rr), and this comment reaks of shit-stirring. Both the Vive and Rift are great devices, raw data is an ok game. I prefer Robo Recall though for the finish/detail/humor, and that it’s free.

      • DougP

        Re: “and that it’s free”
        OP mentions they’re on a Vive so it’s not free.

        For those who the game isn’t free for, it seems very appropriate to compare based on their merits.
        From everything I’ve read, Raw Data’s a better game.

        I haven’t played Robo Recall, but agree that Raw Data’s a great game & looks to be much better in quite a few ways.

        • Joseph Maldonado

          Everything you’ve read? Have you played either?

        • Jonny

          How’s your reading comprehension? “if you had bought a Rift” not “Robo Recall is absolutely free for everyone no matter what headset you have.

          And no, having played them both, Robo Recall is easily the much better game.

    • Pre Seznik

      I don’t get it; if you had bought a Rift you could’ve had Raw Data same as you do now, + Robo Recall for free. Basically you’re glad you didn’t get a free game. Okay.

  • KnowledgeTransfer
    • He talks about the hand tracking being off for the lightsaber, that’s because the “custom weapon” template in the mod editor has broken hand tracking, I’ve tried reaching out to Epic to let them know but nothing has changed in the editor in the last two years. I don’t know if you can still get ahold of the map mod, but I’m currently working on my own lightsaber mod that doesn’t have that broken hand tracking problem. It’s up on in the weapons section . ^^

  • SpareReality

    Heres a link and guide to download/install it