RTS ‘Final Assault’ Headed to Early Access on Vive, Rift & Windows VR Next Week


Phaser Lock Interactive, the studio behind VR titles Final Approach (2016) and Twisted Arrow (2017), are bringing their WWII-themed real-time strategy game Final Assault to Early Access next week.

After a slight delay, Final Assault is now set to release in Early Access on Steam (Vive, Rift, Windows VR) and the Oculus Store (Rift) starting February 19th; it was previously slated for it’s EA debut on February 12th. A PSVR version is also in the works that will allow cross-play with all supported headsets.

The game’s Early Access period is said to last a short three months before its official launch in April. At launch of Early Access, the game will include both cross-platform PvP and PvE, and will see a total of 12 maps unlocking along the way.

Built from the ground-up for VR, Final Assault blows you up to the size of Godzilla, tasking you with commanding land and air units into enemy territory for interactive, dynamic battles. Much like Final Approach, units are controlled by drawing paths for precise, direct combat.

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“We are focusing on the PVP right now and bringing Campaign, customization, and other game functions closer to launch. With the PvP, we feel that the more people playing in early access will allow us to balance the units/maps along with improving the AI for Campaign and PvE,” Phaser Lock CEO Michael Daubert said.

We’re currently testing a pre-release version of the game, and will have our full report coming before launch of Early Access next week.

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  • Electric Lunatic

    The music so much reminds me of Skyrim

  • Jarom Madsen

    Can’t agree with the PvP before campaign mentality. There’s no guarantee of a user base, especially for VR games right now. It’s quite the gamble to try and make a multiplayer only game when countless other good VR games are abandoned gathering dust simply because the user base isn’t there. You’re asking for negative reviews at launch not because of quality but because there’s no way to play your game if there aren’t a surplus of users playing it.

    Alternatively if you launched a campaign first that’s compelling enough to boost your player base, you’ll make the money and build a fanbase before taking that PvP gamble.

  • Pablo C

    PvP: we dont have enough people working on this so it wont have much content. Game will be dead after 6 months.