Sairento VR (2018), the cyber-ninja VR combat game, just received an update that includes remastered graphics and better performance thanks to a game engine upgrade.

Sairento VR launched out of Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in February 2018. The game includes a single-player campaign mode that lets you hone your slow-motion, high-flying ninja moves as you shoot pistols and physically slice your katanas at the game’s ‘cyber ninja’ enemies; the game also includes a single-player arcade mode, multiplayer co-op, and PvP mode.

Thanks to a recent update, the following levels have been visually remastered: Shrine, Lab, Warehouse, Cemetary, Hall, Corporation, Train, Arena, and Observatory. The developers, Mixed Realms, are still working on three remaining levels including Street, Alley and District, and will release patches for these in a future update.

An upgrade to the game’s Unity game engine, Mixed Realms says in a Steam news post, improves textures and lighting, offers better performance and smoother gameplay, and fixes a number of bugs. You can find the full change log in the link posted above.

Mixed Realms also maintains that Sairento VR is slated to receive a new level at the end of September, and another one at the end of October.

Check out the video below for a look at some of the game’s latest improvements.

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  • nasprin

    “If Warframe supported VR”-the game. But seriously, makes me happy to see one of my favorite VR-titles get better.

    • jj

      took the words out of my mouth, I’m so happy to see an already excellent game get even more excellent. I think Sariento will be a huge IP for vr in the future because they’ve carved out their own techniques and methods that have really made their experience unique.

    • Aldric Chang

      Thank you guys! :)

    • Master E

      Sairento is a minority AAA game for VR. The devs did an amazing job and I must say I’m surprised to see it being refined even more graphically.

      On a side note
      If Warframe supported VR I would have to use some of my paid time off and send the wife and kids on a vacation. Would love to see that

  • PJ

    I have been thinking about picking this up

    • Aldric Chang

      I hope you do and please do let us know what you think about it! Sairento dev here :)

  • love LOVE LOOOVE This game, since day 1 purchase. one of the best, if not the best for me VR games. Great developer that listens to fans, and is constantly striving to make an already great game even better. When have you ever heard of a developer revamping their graphics AFTER early access is over? Let alone one that has made so many sales. keep it up, people will be supporting you for years to come if you keep up with your way of developing.

    • Aldric Chang

      Thank you Scott for being one of our earliest supporters! :) It’s our pleasure to keep you folks happy!

      • You are the man Aldric. I want to work for you one day. Lemme know if any game designer positions open up :P I have a decent portfolio

  • kool

    I hope all this is ramping up for the psvr release! I need to play a vr ninja game with wolverine claws…that’s what the doctor told me.

    • Aldric Chang

      Yes, indeed, we are doing a lot of remastering to make the PSVR port really good. And your doctor sounds like a fine physician if I may say :)

      • kool

        Yay, I’m going back into a Firewall coma until then!

  • Les Vega

    game has serious legs thanks to solid character progression and interesting upgrades I have put at least 40+ hours into it bringing it close to Skyrim VR, and In Death for replay factor.