Scraper: First Strike (2018) landed on PC VR headsets late last year. Now, Labrodex Studios say the standalone sci-fi shooter is headed to PSVR on July 2nd.

Based on the original IP by Jim Ivon and the novel by Ryder Windham (Scraper: The Rise of Cifer), the game takes place in the future megacity of New Austin, Texas and centers around a war against renegade robots that have taken over the city’s high-rise skyscraper complexes.

If you’re looking for more backstory than that, the studio has included the novel for free for PSVR owners as in e-format book. Funnily enough, the game also includes the novel in-game, so you can sit in the cockpit of your mech and read the source material with the whole world around you.

Scraper: First Strike features fully voiced characters, detailed and dynamic mission system with full locomotion and an open world to explore based on levels in Reactor Building 03. Unlike other shooters, the game’s locomotion system is based on a sort of hovercraft mech, otherwise known as a Modified Hover Pod (MHP). Schematics, scrap, and parts are littered throughout the game so you can apply upgrades as you go.

The PSVR version is said to include 30 unique achievements, and support for PSVR peripherals such as AIM, Move, DualShock and 3dRudder.

We haven’t had a chance to play Scraper: First Strike, however it currently rates a ‘Positive’ user rating on Steam, and a [3.9/5] on the Oculus Store.

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  • Darcon Wow

    Yeah, finally for PSVR! Game looks great. A week to go.


    si si,proprio fantastico……ne prenderò due copie per sicurezza,nel caso una non dovesse funzionare bene………………visto il gioco sarà gratuito……oppure si deve pagare per avere questo gioco per commodore 128??……….

  • The Bard

    Damn shooters. What is wrong with companies not able to develop game with some engaging story? Story is the most important thing, not different geometries with gun textures.

    • Darcon Wow

      The Bard, actually this game is all about story with a great shooter elements. Check out about an hour of older gameplay with missions, large levels to explore, tons of lore. It’s also based on a book. This is a classic sci-fi rpg.

      • edie

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