Seeking Dawn (2018), the sci-fi VR shooter adventure from Multiverse Entertainment, didn’t exactly hit the intended mark when it released last month on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but now the developers have released a road map to improving the game and eventually releasing it on PSVR.

The team is focusing on ‘critical’ bugs first, with a fix coming in August that’s also intending to improve the multiplayer experience, and addresses performance issues—something the devs say are mentioned across most negative reviews.

In September, a free DLC update is said to arrive that will bring a ‘Master Mode’ difficulty, which will contain a weapons update system and increased difficulty, along with balance changes and more customization options. Also for the September update are player skins, a new playable area, and a redesigned level.

“The dev team hopes to add more replay value to Seeking Dawn by having these changes affect both single and multiplayer modes,” Multiverse says in a press statement.

Image captured by Road to VR

At the last stop of the current road map is the PSVR version, which is slated to arrive in late December. Other updates include an Emoji system.

“After the release of Seeking Dawn, feedback and reviews have been mixed. Players who enjoy this game are thrilled by this breathtaking VR world. But there are also players who really want to love this game, but have had to deal with bugs and other tech issues,” the team said in the statement. “The dev team has acknowledged much of this through social media and has responded by showing their passion and dedication to make this game better. Now a more detailed development roadmap sets the next few milestones for 2018, with improved optimization, updated game mechanics and more content to expand the VR world of Seeking Dawn.”

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Check out our full review here, which garnered the game a middling [6.5/10] points. Our major complaints centered around the inclusion of dull chores, such as resource collection and a toothless crafting system, decidedly making Seeking Dawn a launch day downer. We’re hoping some of these things will be fixed too as a result of the studio’s many updates between now and the end of the year.

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  • HomeAudio

    As I wrote before – [6.5/10] for this game is HUGE mistake. It deserves for much better note.

    • AndyP

      Agree. I really like this game. They need to fix the bugs.

    • I’ve noticed roadtovr often rates games very harshly and too low. Roadtovr: we’re supposed to be SUPPORTING the vr community, not burying it.