UK-based studio nDreams, the minds behind The Assembly (2016) and producer of Bloody Zombies (2017), and Near Light today announced that its upcoming tongue-in-cheek shooting game Shooty Fruity is slated to simultaneously launch on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on December 19th, 2017.

Shooty Fruity basically turns you into a multi-tasking deranged grocery store clerk as it challenges you to keep your job of scanning, packing, serving fruits all while shooting the hell out of slightly more intelligent (and frightening) mutant fruits. Shooty Fruity gives you plenty of customizable weapons including C4 launchers, flak cannon-style shotguns and more.

From the trailer, it looks like there’s some definite influence from Job Simulator (2016), with its silly job training pretext and deadpan voice overs. We haven’t had a chance to dive into the fruit-shooting Shooty Fruity (say that 10 times fast), but we’ll be bringing you the review on launch day, so check back then.

Anyone who pre-orders the game, or buys it over the holiday season, will get free exclusive content, including the “explody bear” grenade and the “Golden Guns” skin pack.

The game will be priced at €20/$20/£16. Preorders are available on PSN and Steam.

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  • Griffin

    sorry but I just have no interest in wave shooters any more

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    Boring wave shooter, the art looks good, but that’s the only thing I liked from it.
    Typically a game that fits more in free 2 play, as there is nothing in it that convinces me it’s worth more as the free ones you can get.

  • Biggles

    Had a go at this at Gamescom, it’s loads of fun. The multi tasking dynamic works really well and the shooting is a lot more satisfying than those cheap & tacky wave shooters which seem to pop up way too regularly.

    • DiGiCT Ltd

      It’s nothing better and no improvement , just another wave shooter with some stolen idea concept from job simulator.
      Probably hoping that it would sell like job simulator.
      The price at the end is really not worth it.
      10 USD would be more reasonable, but i would still not buy it, as it gets boring very fast.
      Games like serious sam are way better wave shooters and space pirate trainer.
      There are already good ones, this one is not better and therefore not interested to buy.

      • Skippy76

        Agreed. SPT is way better

  • Skippy76

    Please stop making trash like this and charging for it!
    So many better games for cheaper and even free!
    Steam is already overloaded with crappy wave shooters.

  • PJ

    Overpriced, for what is basically another wave shooter, if it was less than £10 I may of bought just for the slightly unique take on the genre

  • yag

    There are already tons of $2 wave shooters on steam, what’s the point of this article ?