Immersive VR Education, the studio behind VR experiences Apollo 11 VR (2016) and Titanic VR (2018), is set to launch its next mission into space on PSVR soon, this time taking you to the Hubble Space Telescope to go hands-on with an accurate recreation of the mission, shuttle cockpit, and space telescope itself.

Called Shuttle Commander, the experience is already live on the European PlayStation Store, and is slated to arrive to PSVR users in North America on December 11th, 2019.

Here’s how Immersive VR Education describes it:

Celebrate the discoveries and experience how this remarkable apparatus changed our understanding of the universe around us through science visualization segments which are based on actual data discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope over the past 3 decades.

Fly the space shuttle in an accurate physics based landing simulation and take control of the Canada Arm in space as you witness the Earth pass below during a full day / night cycle.

Shuttle Commander is also supposed to arrive on SteamVR headsets at some point, however the studio hasn’t mentioned when we should expect it to land.

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  • The Bard

    Barely anyone talked about this experience, but Apollo 11 HD is one of the best VR experiences, when you start in a rocket and walk on the Moon. I highly recommend it to anybody with VR. Super emotions and fun.

    • Mike

      Yep. Though they should have included the ability to rotate your playspace 90 degrees vertically for takeoff and re-entry. As is, gravity is in the wrong direction in these two scenes.

      • Angila

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  • Lloyd Sturdy

    Comment removed as I missed the last bit of article which explains that it is planned to come to the PC.

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Actually, it’s “Canadarm” not Canada Arm. Makes me wonder how accurate the sim is if the dev can’t even get the name of the arm right.

  • Ragbone

    Will they wait and then charge people again for a seperate release of an HD version like they did with the Apollo and Apollo HD? $$$

    • Raphael