It’s official. Sony is bringing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to PlayStation VR. Revealed today during Sony’s E3 conference, the company showed the full physicality of the game in a trailer with the watermark “PlayStation VR Game” to prove it.

While it was theorized that Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR would be the only Bethesda IPs to come to VR headsets this E3, Sony threw us a curveball with the newly revealed trailer.

Telling from the trailer (posted above) it looks to use motion controllers, allowing you to slash, block, shoot arrows, and cast spells with the PlayStation Move controllers.

Skyrim is officially heading to PlayStation VR this NovemberDeveloped by Bethesda Game Studios, Skyrim VR is the full game plus all of the official add-ons: Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.

Skyrim will be available for pre-order soon from Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. No pricing information is available at this time.

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  • Why you do this Bethesda?

    • NooYawker

      Psvr has more sales that vive or oculus. As a dev you have to follow the money. I’m sure skyrim will come to pc vr soon. Or as xron said they got a bucket of money to come to psvr first.

      • DoubleD

        You’d get even more sales if you sell it to all platforms.
        This reeks of bribery by Sony.

        • Al

          Oh, I’m sure they oiled the wheels a bit. But overall isn’t is a good thing as it’s another incentive stone to full legitimacy of the media (VR)?

    • Tommel

      Because they hate us. And they are right. We don’t deserve a Skyrim VR.

    • MrLonghair

      Because releasing two of your own VR-ified titles at the same time is bad business.

    • Marco Dena

      I’m sure a better version will be on PC in a few months.

  • Xron

    Because they like $ and sony paid them for this vr title I suppose…

    • Raphael

      So let’s get this straight. You don’t like $? If someone offers you $ you say no?
      They are bringing two massive titles to PC so I’m sure we can live with one timed exclusive.

      • Xron

        I agree they have right to do it, if without Sony’s cash injection it would take longer to release it, but I kinda hate to see 2 biggest title this year as exclusives…

  • I’m very interested to see how they shoehorn in VR. It seems like a VR friendly project by it’s very design, all 1st person from the get-go. I think a steel stomach might be helpful though. I think the more hardcore VR users will find it very enjoyable.

    • Raphael

      So you don’t think there will be teleport option for vomit pugknockers?

      • Sense negative energy from you. :)

        • Raphael

          That would be unusual given my affable disposition but i suppose it’s entirely possible.

      • I’m certain they’ll have a teleport option. Why not? It’s not like it’s patented or copyrighted. And depending on my stomach, at the moment, I might use the teleport. There is no reason not to have both. Teleport is like 1-button, and movement is just normal movement. There is no reason all games shouldn’t support both. It’s just AMAZING laziness on the part of developers not to do both.

  • HoriZon

    Wanted Fallout 4 VR more on PSVR played Skyrim to death. Never played Fallout 4 grrrr

    • kool

      I hope fallout makes it on psvr next year. I haven’t played either I think this is why.

  • Me

    I’ve already clocked more than 200 hours on this game, modded it like crazy. I’m not sure that even if it would be released on the Vive I would give it more time while there are so many other games claming my attention.

    Bethesda is either becoming greedy or has some big troubles not losing money.

    Bah, I’ll give Fallout VR a run, and when I’m done the exclusivity will probably be over anyways :)

    • Raphael

      What’s with the hostility towards bethesda? They’ve supported vr where other similar big name publishers play it safe. So they’re doing one timed exclusive for ps4… Nothing wrong with that.

      • Al

        A little bit of yellow on the game getting the PSVR treatment first. Not an issue as it will likely move to the other platforms in due time. If, as I suspect, Sony financially supported the port, then they do have a right to benefit from it.

        If one wants to have a beef with Bethesda then one should take them on on the pay for mods controversy.

    • Mei Ling

      “Bethesda is either becoming greedy or has some big troubles not losing money.”

      Well they recently received a massive cash injection so financial trouble is definitely not on the menu..

  • Sam Illingworth

    I think we can safely assume it’ll be a timed exclusive and we’ll have it on Steam 6 months later or so.

    Bethesda are pretty much our biggest VR supporters at the moment aren’t they? What I find exciting is that they’ll no doubt be using what they learn with these conversion to include great VR support from the start on their upcoming new games!

  • Steve Johnson

    Wow. I seem to recall some folks just a few days ago that a game of this scale would impossible on the ‘kiddie’ PSVR.

    • Al

      Said it before – It’s not the sale or scope that limits PSVR (or any other HMDs). It’s texture/details/framerates.

      All games can be made to run in VR – existing and forthcoming. The key is how many resources one is willing to throw at it versus the possible profit.

      Consider that Skyrim will need to be at a stable 60FPS (or better) _all_ the time for meeting minimum required on the PSVR. So either Bethsoft makes the engine much more efficient, decrease the graphic complexity or a mixture of both – resources have to be spent versus the possible profit.

      • MrLonghair

        Skyrim ran on the hilariously (especially now) limited PS3 after all. No problem making it blaze, I expect 60hz native but would not be surprised if they took it to a 90hz goal.

      • De Ha

        Batman VR has pretty good graphics but was disapointingly short.

  • Great! These great titles having a VR porting will make more people interested in VR!

  • The mention of motion controls is a sticking point for me. Skyrim, even in VR, should not be limited to using the Move controllers. If motion controls are a must, then it’s time to develop a replacement for the move controls that incorporates a pair of analog sticks, sort of like the Oculus Touch controllers.

    As is, the Move controllers would only allow for teleport based movement… and if Bethesda thinks that teleporting would be acceptable to Skyrim players, they need to check again (or have their heads examined).

    But really though, PSVR needs something more like the Oculus Touch controllers anyway. The Move controllers were a…well… bad move.

    • Watch Resident Evil VR video. You maybe surprised.

      • You mean RE7? I’ve already beaten the game twice.
        It doesn’t use the “Move Controllers”, so what are you getting at?

        Really… I’m not trying to be a smartass here… I just don’t get what your post had to do with my statement. When I played through RE7 (the only Resident Evil game on a VR platform), I used the DS4 controller, not a Move controller –the move controller as an option wasn’t even available, and I wouldn’t have used it even if it had been because the Move Controllers aren’t made for those types of games.

        In case you didn’t understand the context of my statement, perhaps you should read it again and re-reference the article so that you understand why I said what I did. The article mentions the “move controllers” for handling the left and right arm, which doesn’t make sense at all in a game that requires dual stick motion. Since the Move Controllers *don’t have* analog sticks, there’s no way the move controllers can handle Skyrim *unless* the game itself is altered to use a teleportation style movement mechanic, which if it is, then it’s basically ruined the game as far as I’m concerned and I won’t buy it if that’s the case. Anyone that’s actually played Skyrim can clearly tell you that if you don’t have the ability to move freely within the game that it totally destroys the play-mechanics.

        More so to the point though, what would watching Resident Evil’s video tell me about Skyrim? Resident Evil 7 doesn’t have a jump function, while Skyrim does. Resident Evil 7 is set in a very small area made of a single property, around a half-dozen buildings and a derelict shipwreck, while Skyrim’s set in an area that roughly scales to the size of about 25% of Europe (about a 7000x difference in size of the environment in each game respectively). The only way in which the two games are even comparable is the fact that they both have utilized first person perspectives –otherwise, I fail to see how they can be comparable in any way whatsoever. If you’re aware of something there that I’m not, please by all means, enlighten me… enlighten us all.

    • kool

      I’ve been hoping they release a new nav stick for games like this.