Sniper Elite VR is ramping up for release on all major VR headsets on July 8th, and we’re steadily getting a closer look at the game from developer Rebellion. In the last week the studio has dropped a new gameplay trailer and a breakdown offering fresh details about the game.

Rather than a port, Sniper Elite VR is a brand new made-for-VR title based on Rebellion’s long-running Sniper Elite franchise. In a recently released breakdown video, the studio confirmed that players won’t be playing as the series’ usual protagonist, Karl Fairburne, but instead will be stepping into the shoes of an Italian soldier who is recounting his harrowing war stories.

The video further explains that the game will have 18 missions, and the studio is promising replayability as players will be able to decide if they want to be stealthy or go in guns ablazin’. On that note, beyond being able to use sniper rifles, SMGs, pistols, shotguns, and explosives, it looks like melee will be a possibility too, as long as you can find a hammer to crack skulls.

What do you know—a perfect transition to talk about the game’s famous skull-shattering X-ray kill cam, which will indeed be included in Sniper Elite VR, albeit in a more comfort-friendly way. While non-VR versions of the game would have the camera follow the bullet all the way to the target, it looks like the VR version will use some smart cuts to make the transition less jarring while still giving you a close-up of the gruesome destruction.

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Image courtesy Rebellion

Rebellion is also promising a range of locomotion options including smooth movement and teleport.

The studio also recently revealed another fresh, but brief, glimpse of Sniper Elite VR gameplay, but it’s an age-restricted video so you’ll have to go directly to YouTube to check it out.

Sniper Elite VR is set for a July 8th release date on all major headsets: Oculus Quest/Rift, PSVR (with Aim support), and SteamVR.

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  • David

    Awesome, I was curious if this was just a port of one of the previous games or not. Glad to hear it’s a brand new game.

    • Wild Dog

      Honestly, I might’ve preferred it that way. I like the direction of taking older games and remaking them in VR.

      S’why I’m pissed RE4 VR’s a quest exclusive.

  • Ad

    It’s an Italian partisan, not a soldier, from their statements. He’s fighting the Italian Social Republic, the German puppet state after Italy surrendered.

    I really hope this is good but the fact that it started for PSVR and now seems focused on quest doesn’t bode that well. The AI in particular doesn’t look very good and the moments from the trailer seem set up the way Medal of Honor was. Plus it has Coatsink attached.

    • Barbara Dailey

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  • How much of the game will be those cool free movement parts
    and how much of it will be just standing around sniping people …?