Rebellion’s Sniper Elite VR (2021) has offered up some satisfying sniping with a bevy of comfort and gameplay options to boot. Now the studio is dialing in even further with a new update for Quest, PSVR, PC VR that promises more customization to the sniping experience.

Outside of four difficulty levels, you also be able to toggle settings in a new custom difficulty mode which lets you mix and match things like aim assist, bullet drop, and wind effects.

Vignette effects have also gotten a facelift, with multiple new vignette options added to things like teleportation, sprinting, and kill cams. You can turn them off entirely, or selectively turn up or down the intensity of the sprinting vignette depending on your comfort level with artificial locomotion.

If you have shaky hands, or want a weightier feel to weapons, Rebellion is also bringing variable motion smoothing to hand movements in the new update. Check out those features and more in the video below:

The PC version of the game is getting extra graphics options including MSAA, SSAA, FXAA, and lens flares. Also, the game now has official support for bHaptics Tactsuit X40, Tactosy for arms and Tactal for head. Official support for ProTubeVR gunstocks including haptic feedback when using the ForceTube gunstock is also now live.

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Here’s some of the other highlights affecting all supported platforms:

  • Players can physically crouch in order to activate stealth mode as well as the button press.
  • Players can now select from a variety of weapon alignment options.
  • Players will have the option to turn bullet trails off.
  • Players can now adjust the strength of the vibration – We now have a user setting for Low and High Strength and can also be turned off completely
  • Players can now interact with the bolt with the trigger button
  • Players are now able to practice using explosives in the Resistance Base
  • Players can use hand direction for forward movement – Added option to choose between head, left hand or right hand for forward movement source
  • Enemies now react to minor explosions in front of them during sound cover
  • Improved flick grab system: Flick grab beam will now cancel if the hand hits another grab collider before the flick action is activated – Reduced time & velocity thresholds to activate flick grab

You can check out the entire patch notes on the game’s Steam page.

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  • Travis Beatty

    Button crouching would really take me out of the immersion, and the game made you very easily detectable without it. I’ve kinda stopped playing it and that was one of the biggest reasons. Fixing crouch is a huge A+ from me and I might even go and redo some levels and see if I can do it entirely stealthily now.

    Thanks for pointing out the new improvement!

  • NL_VR

    Did they fixed sound orientation problem?

    • Mary Crawford

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  • doug

    Is the executable still laden with Denuvo anti-tamper? Now that the game is 60 days old, is the anti-tamper still doing any good at all?