Social VR networking app AltspaceVR is now live on the Oculus Quest. The social VR app is best known for having been purchased by Microsoft in 2017 after nearly shutting down, but low-key visual design and wide accessibility have cemented AltspaceVR as a staple social tool among loyal supporters and industry professionals alike.

Update (September 13th, 2019): AltspaceVR is now available on Oculus Quest. Download it for free here.

The original article announcing Quest support follows below:

Original Article (September 3rd, 2019): Each environment and avatar in Altspace is minimalistic as a rule, erring in favor of a core social experience that runs well on lower-end systems and scales with each simultaneous user. As a result, AltspaceVR notably hosts a higher concentration of professionals than might be found so easily in other social VR apps.

While avatars in AltspaceVR are simple, the app boasts a 3D audio attenuation system that makes conversations sound like they’re happening with spatial accuracy, as they would in the real world. Users can also join large-scale events, the most prominent example being the recurring live shows thrown by Reggie Watts. Events are divided into individual sessions with a set number of other users per room.

AltspaceVR is already available for free on Steam for all major headsets, as well as on the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and Gear VR storefronts. Windows 10 users without headsets can still download and access the app via 2D mode. AltspaceVR will join popular social VR apps Rec Room, VRChat, and Bigscreen on Oculus Quest.

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