Musician and comedian Reggie Watts is no stranger to AltspaceVR, Microsoft’s social VR platform. This weekend you can enter to win a chance to get on the stage and improv with the man himself.

Watts (The Late Late Show) will be climbing the virtual stage on January 18th, 2019 to present another live concert, showcasing his comedy, live music, and improv skills.

If you’re keen on meeting Watts and getting a chance to improv with the comedy/music virtuoso himself, AltspaceVR will be holding a preliminary ‘Improv Night Battle’ with organizers We Are ImproVR.

Improv Night Battle will be taking place Saturday, January 5th, 2019 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM PST (local starting time here). You can RSVP here; make sure to read the description below:

Now is your chance to win the opportunity to improv live with Reggie Watts!

In order to compete, you MUST arrive at the start of the event and check-in. All competitors will be put through a series of improvisational challenges to ultimately determine who is the wittiest of them all!

No comedic experience or skill is required, so come up on stage and be the biggest, funniest doofus you possibly can be.

Can’t improv but want to spectate on the action? Come join us for laughs, weird stories, madness and most importantly, have fun!

Watts will be on stage January 18th at 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM PST (local start time here). If it’s going to be anything like his previous shows, event-goers will be treated to an awesome showcase of Watts’ famous steam-of-thought comedy/music translated through a full-body tracking setup.

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Multiple rooms will also likely be hosted, so a hypothetically infinite number of users can watch Watts in action. Check out the event page here.

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