Solaris Offworld Combat (2020), the team-based VR arena shooter for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, is getting an update this week that’s set to bring a number of highly requested features to the game, including the long-awaited ability to squad up with friends.

In addition to the ability to create a squad, the studio is packaging a few features in the update too, which include:

  • New Map: Fury Major – redesigned to focus on more centralized player engagement and close quarters combat
  • Stamina Cooldown Changes: enjoy unlimited sprinting with a cooldown that happens only if you spam slide
  • IRL Crouch To Slide
  • Daily XP Bonus & Weekly Challenges
  • Free Hand Trackingyou can now move both arms independently while playing, this will not affect your weapons accuracy
  • Gameplay Balancing
  • Bug Fixes & General Improvements

There’s no precise timing on release of the update, however developers First Contact Entertainment say it should be here sometime this week.

Fury Major Map, Image courtesy First Contact Entertainment

In our preview of Solaris Offworld Combat, we liked the fast-paced experience designed for anyone can pick up and play, although it was still a bit rough around the edges. Some of those items we noted in the preview are being featured in the squad update, namely the lack of controller tracking for non-dominant hands. It’ll also be interesting to see whether the update can better balance its casual and competitive ambitions.

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Solaris Offworld Combat includes cross-play and cross-buy between the Rift version and Quest version, priced at $25. The game is expected to also land on Steam and PSVR at some point, although it’s still unclear when. In the meantime, check out some of out preview gameplay footage below to get and idea of what Solaris has to offer.

Update (December 2nd, 2020): A prior version of this article incorrectly stated the price of the game at $30. This has been corrected to $25.

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  • Fra

    Is it a good game? reviews or something? I am really scare of games like that. If there is no players base will not be any fun. I think in vr makes sense a game with in-game appareal purchases so it does not die… I have onward and pavlov, who are BIG games and sometimes I felt as if they were empty.

    • ShapeshifteR

      First Contact Entertainment have really made name for themselves, PSVR exclusive Firewall Zero Hour was and is a massive hit with a solid community for more than two years already. Not sure where Solaris sits exactly, i am still waiting for a PSVR release but chances are this will stay for a long time. Free updates and great gameplay overall so it seems.

  • Nice!