These are the PlayStation VR games making their way to Gamescom 2016 in Cologne next week.

Gamescom, Europe’s biggest games conference, gets underway in Cologne, Germany next week and as one of the last major gaming events before Sony’s PS4 powered virtual reality platform launches on October 13, it should be a good chance to get a feel for how strong Sony’s VR software line up is looking.

To that end, Sony have revealed the titles which will be either playable or at least present on the show floor. Here they are:

Most of the above we’ve covered before, but one of the newer titles from a franchise which will be familiar to PlayStation gamers is Super Stardust Ultra VR. The retro-styled, Asteroids inspired twin-stick shooter is a favourite of mine, and it’s great seeing it being brought up to date in VR. If you’re curious as to what it looks like, Sony recently released screenshots (see below) for the title along with a blog post from the Associate Producer at Sony’s XDev Studio Europe, Pedro Sousa who said of the title “Adopting a whole new perspective of gameplay, you will jump into to the cockpit thanks to Super Stardust Ultra VR’s first person perspective and blast countless waves of enemies as they attack from every angle, in a frenetic fight that puts you right in the centre of the action.”

Road to VR will be at Gamescom 2016 next week to bring you the latest in VR from the show floor.

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  • J.C.

    I got all excited to see Super Stardust in there, then saw the screenshots and my interest dropped. I was hoping it’d still be a twin stick shooter, except you could walk around the little planetoid the game takes place on.


      Yea, I don’t even know what I was hoping for and I was still slightly disappointed. That just looks like any other VR flight game. Although who knows maybe this is just the first VR mode for the developers to get their feet wet, work out bugs, fine tune mechanics, and then branch out to other more copmplex modes. Either way it’s another mode for Stardust and another use for VR, so while it’s not what I was hoping for I’m still glad for it since I have Stardust and will have VR.

    • WuBoy

      I never played the original, but I’ve seen it in action and was impressed by how they reinvisioned it. It’s a little hard for me to see how someone would see this and be disappointed. That said, I’ve kept up with VR pretty closely so maybe I’ve just got a better handle of what to expect when a company says they are going to make a VR version of a game.

      • J.C.

        It’s that there’s literally no reason to keep the same name when they changed genres entirely. It’s not like SSD is a household name, but apparently they’d rather bank on that than make a new IP. Absolutely nothing about those screenshots has anything to do with the other SSD games.

        It’d be like saying “Here’s John Madden Football in VR!” and show you a racing game. Yes, it’s technically still a sport but it’s not remotely what the name implies.

        What I find extra vexing about this is that converting the original game to play in VR would be a fairly simple thing, without even a change in controls. The extra perspective gain would MAKE the game. Earlier SSD games ran in 3D, which changed the game from a chaotic mess to something where you could dodge deftly through fields of debris, able to discern which things weren’t quite on your plane yet.

        • WuBoy

          I guess I kinda understand that, but the game is made by the same people as the original and will likely take cues from the original in some manner. I don’t think they are trying to pass it off as a remake of the original. It’s going to be Super Stardust VR, which should pretty much automatically be assumed to be different than the original game.

          And maybe they could convert the game in the way you suggest, but you’re probably one of the few people that wants that. Conversions like that are exactly what people who are skeptical about VR don’t want to see.

  • Keith.

    I really liked Headmaster when I played the demo at Gamestop. Look forward to seeing and playing more of that one.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing more about the Cinema Mode, and how games and movies look in that mode.

    • Foxko

      what did you think of the demo overall?

    • Konchu

      It really liked Headmaster’s Personality as a game. When the music started blaring and the mechanized goal machine that seemed straight of a Mad Max world appeared it had me grinning ear to ear. Even though I’m not a sports kind of guy this makes me interested in the game. The Text in the demo was really impressively clean looking.