Project Morpheus has been re-christened PlayStation VR, and represents a bold move by the console platform to establish new paradigm in home gaming. But how much can you expect to pay for that new paradigm? Sony Entertainment’s CEO Andrew House seems has some hints.

First unveiled at GDC 2014 after months of rumours, Sony’s Project Morpheus was still somewhat of a delightful surprise. Many believed virtual reality was the exclusive purview of the powerful PC gaming space, with consoles grunt seen as too weak to power the next generation of gaming platforms.

Sony subsequently not only proved naysayers wrong, the PlayStation 4 certainly can power compelling VR experiences, they’ve also produced some of the best VR experiences yet to be shown on any platform.


PlayStation VR represents years of R&D within Sony and cutting-edge hardware to boot, this was never going to be a super-cheap, gimmicky peripheral – in fact it’s not really a peripheral at all. So, realistically, expectations for pricing should always have erred on the side of costly.

Now, an interview with Sony Entertainment’s CEO Andrew House, reveals we may need to steel ourselves for laying down similar money to the price of the PS4 itself. This puts the US price at around $400 based on the 2013 launch price of the PS4 and £349 in the UK.

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It’s likely that Sony will adopt the well worn console tactic of breaking even on hardware, making money from software and licensing – but PlayStation VR’s pricing has to be extremely attractive to tempt people to make the jump to VR. Although Sony plan to have 10 PlayStation games available for launch, which should help.

We’ll see how realistic these estimations are come Q2 2016, when PlayStation VR is set for launch.

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  • SuperDre

    It’ll propably be like the move, great idea, great possibilities, but lack of actual content after release and will only sell well after a major pricecut.. The biggest problem is the exclusivity to the PS4 hardware, it’s an external pheriphical and could sell a lot of extra units if not only restricted to the PS4.. Yes there will probably be a community that will get it to work on the PC but as with the current move drivers, not everything will work straight out of the box..

  • bji

    A price of $400 isn’t going to help move units; but if the experiences are good enough and there is significant buzz, it should still sell well. People will pay that amount of money for something that is “so cool that everyone is talking about it”. I remember people standing in long lines for the Wii when it first came out and I personally went with my brother in law at opening hours of a store (at 5:30 am) in hopes that a shipment had arrived overnight (it hadn’t), so I know that people are willing to make sacrifices, monetarily and otherwise, if the hype is strong.

    I don’t even own a PS4 but I will likely be very tempted to buy one next year just to be able to get a PS VR.

  • LarZen

    PSVR is coming Q1 and not Q2 as in the article. That’s the news Sony have outed. But with no date and price on PSX15 it could be its getting pushed to Q2?