Sony Japan Studio Announces VR Platformer ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’ For PSVR, Teaser Trailer Here


Sony Japan Studio today announced a new platform action game for PSVR starring the cute little robots made famous in Sony’s The Playroom (2013) and The Playroom VR (2016). Called Astro Bot Rescue Mission, you take control of Astro, the Bot captain of a ship on a mission to rescue its lost crew, who are scattered across five planets.

Boasting 26 stages across five worlds, each ending with its own boss fight, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is said to “take advantage of the increased perspective, proximity and the added depth that PS VR offers,” according to the PS blog announce. Yes, that’s a 100 foot-tall gorilla.

Image courtesy Sony Japan Studio

You also exist in the world as a giant robot who follows Astro around as he runs and jumps across levels. Several viewpoints are used throughout the game, letting you play from a top-down view, and multiple angles that best suit the obstacles and action ahead.

As an added touch of immersion, you also have to smash parts of the environment and dodge incoming enemy attacks, which if you fail, means a big game over.

Built for the DualShock 4 gamepad, your controller becomes visible in VR and is equipped with weapons including a hook shot, a water gun, and a ninja star, something Japan Studio says is useful for chopping spider webs, creating platforms or slicing enemies in your way. The goal is to collect the bots into your DualShock 4, with a total of eight lost bots in every stage.

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Japan Studio hasn’t announced a specific launch date yet, but says more details about the game are coming ‘soon’. Check out the teaser trailer, linked above and below.

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  • David Herrington

    Honestly, this looks like a lot of fun and I’m definitely getting the “Mario feel” from this game. I want this to do well to further VR… but I also selfishly want it to flop so its not a Nintendo contender.

  • Lucidfeuer

    It’s a shame Lucky’s Tale is not coming to PSVR, but obviously this will do. They should’ve adapted Knack to VR too since it’s the same team.

  • Mike Taylor

    Anyone who has played the playroom vr level will know this is indeed excellent news.

    • PhyllisHGarcia

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  • kool

    I was hoping this would happen! That was the best part of the vr room.

  • Gato Satanista

    any chances to have a Rift version?