Sony today announced its next State of Play, the company’s ongoing presentation series where it highlights upcoming games. The company says viewers can expect a first “sneak peek” at PSVR 2 games during the event next week.

Sony has announced that its next State of Play event will be held on June 2nd at 3PM PT (your timezone here). The presentation will be broadcast on the official PlayStation channels on Twitch and YouTube.

During the event the company says viewers can expect “some exciting reveals from our third-party partners, plus a sneak peek at several games in development for PlayStation VR 2.”

While it sounds like only a small portion of the presentation will be focused on PSVR 2, it’s the first bit of information about PlayStation VR 2 games directly from Sony, outside the previous confirmation that a Horizon Zero Dawn VR game is in the works for the headset.

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Given Sony’s curiously timed marketing of the headset thus far, it isn’t clear if we should expect to see mostly VR games that already exist on other platforms and are being confirmed for PSVR 2, or if we’ll see previously unknown VR games in the works for the headset. Luckily we only have to wait until next week to find out!

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  • I can’t wait to discover more!

  • Ookami

    Oh, wow, Next week? Something to look forward to!

  • Tommy

    I’m all ears!

  • HoriZon
    • Tommy

      There seem to be several of these lists floating around. While I would love to see Avatar VR and CoD MW2 VR, I won’t hold my breathe for it to be true.

      • kool

        Seems plausible this looks like a real media list a v1 would que up for a presentation and by this point the show should be setup and the media will be sent out day of. Ubisoft does have multiple VR games under it’s belt and I believe this year cod is being made by the same team that did the previous cod VR tie in. If this is true Sony really is looking to push VR into aaa territory!

        • Tommy

          Man, I sure hope it is. Those are some great announcements. I saw a couple different versions of the same list with slightly different titles but it could be people manipulating the actual list. Who knows.
          Either way, I’m stoked to see what they end up presenting :)

          • kool

            The titles may change based on a number of things but the time slots are set for the program. Avatar VR has to happen it can’t be unseen. It makes sense now that the quest is getting ac and splinter cell if ubi is going big with avatar for aaa VR. If they can manage to AAA titles like that on vr then the game changes as every AAA game dev will be able to port their games to vr easier.

          • Tommy

            Hell yeah, man! Very much anticipating flying on a toruk in Avatar! I imagine it would be similar to Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight VR.
            They already have decent success in VR, especially the Far Cry: Dive into Insanity LBVR and games like Star Trek Bridge Crew. I expect some quality stuff coming soon

  • Tommy

    Man, I was so bummed we didn’t get Avatar. Maybe at the next Sony presentation.