PSVR 2 is Getting a Made-for-VR Game in the ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Universe


Today during Sony’s CES 2022 press conference the company not only confirmed a bunch of PSVR 2 specs, but also announced Horizon Call of the Mountain, a new made-for-VR game that will take players inside the world of Horizon, one of the company’s most popular PlayStation exclusive franchises.

More than five years after the launch of its original PSVR headset, Sony is just starting to ramp up marketing ahead of its next-gen VR headset, PSVR 2.

Today the company gave players something to look forward to, a made-for-VR game based on one of the most popular PlayStation exclusive franchises.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is in development by PlayStation studios Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, and is said to be designed from the ground-up to show what’s possible with PSVR 2. Today the studios released a brief teaser:

The only details we have on the game for now are what’s in the teaser, and some brief comments from Guerrilla Games which has confirmed that although players will meet Aloy  (the main character of the Horizon games) and “other familiar faces,” they will play as a completely new character.

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There’s no word on a release date, but it seems likely that Horizon Call of the Mountain will be released as a launch title for PSVR 2 (unfortunately we also don’t know when that’s happening, but expect it will be sometime this year).

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  • kontis

    A huge problem in adapting AAA flat games for VR is the fact that their renderers and many techniques are sub-optimal for VR or don’t work at all (like the dynamic GI Lumen in UE5).

    Switching to forward shading often requires redoing entire shaders and materials.
    Many technical choices Valve made in Source 2 don’t make sense for flat games, but they allowed them to push VR fidelity without sacrificing image clarity etc.

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    • The game is a Horizon game, but I strongly suspect that it’s using Firesprite’s engine for the actual rendering. Which makes sense seeing as that’s what Sony would be buying Firesprite for in the first place. I doubt any assets were ported over from the flat Horizon games.