Sony probably won’t be announcing a next-gen PSVR headset anytime soon, however the company is taking a big step this Thursday, June 11th, as it drops all-new game trailers for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console.

Originally scheduled for June 4th, Sony delayed the event until this week to “step aside so key voices could be heard during this historic and important time,” says Sid Shuman, Senior Director of SIE Content Communications in a PS blog post.

The event is now scheduled for June 11th at 1 PM PT (local time here).

Unlike the games native 4K resolution, Shuman says the program will be broadcasting at 1080p and 30 frames per second, something he says “eased the show’s production process during a time when many of our team and developers are working from home.”

The game trailer will however be available in 4K after the show is over, according to Games Radar.

Livestream watchers should, according to Shuman, watch the announcements wearing headphones too to get the full effect of the console’s upgraded audio.

You can follow along with the livestream via the PlayStation Twitch or YouTube channel. It’s expected to last for more than an hour, Shuman says.

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  • Jeremiah Tothenations

    If there is something VR related in that livestream then I will be shocked, expect that much later.

    • User_Name_24601

      I’d bet that they’re going to make the new system compatible with the current PSVR headset. Especially if the next one is a ways off.

      • sfmike

        They have already confirmed that.

      • Bob

        The next one isn’t a ways off. Most likely release date is Q3/Q4 2021.

        I’d personally be surprised if nothing new in VR (from Sony) came about before the end of 2022. That is far too long, and the PSVR is not aging well at all. Not to mention the original PSVR is not fully utilizing the power of the PS5, and its tracking system is archaic by today’s standards.

        • Mike

          Late 2021 qualifies as “a ways off”. But I think they’ll release something sooner than that.

          • Bob

            Not really. We’re almost past over the first half of this year, and as usual time goes a lot faster than you think it does depending on what you’re doing with your life.

            A “ways off” would be late 2022.

  • gothicvillas

    I stopped caring about TLOU2 but RE Village does look promising. I bet its VR supported. There is hope that RE7 VR would receive Pc support once Village is out thru the door…

  • kool

    I hope they show some new franchises and not a bunch of sequels.

  • Meh. Nothing to do with VR. Post cool VR stuff like Blaston which took you a week or:
    And so much more cool stuff that gets out there daily, these are just recent examples and like Blaston and Phasmophobia which took you a while to notice the Vertigo Remastered dlc and JoyWay’s (Stride developers) Time Hacker are already released too.