Meta wasn’t the only company churning out VR news this week with the unveiling of its long-awaited Quest 3 mixed reality headset, as Sony tossed out a slew of PSVR 2 game announcements and updates for its surprise ‘VR Day’ on Thursday.

Here’s a look at everything Sony announced:

Brand New Games

Journey to Foundation

Adapted from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, in Archiact’s upcoming roleplaying game Journey to Foundation you play as Agent Ward, a spy with the Commission of Public Safety. The immersive adventure challenges you to disguise, hack, and blast your way through Asimov’s groundbreaking sci-fi universe using the most advanced tools the Galactic Empire has to offer. Coming to PSVR 2 on October 26th, 2023. Wishlist here.

Heroes of Forever

Heroes of Forever from Lucky Mountain Games is a multi-dimensional arcade cover-shooter for PSVR 2. Prepare to travel across time and space to purge a corruption that is creeping across dimensions: go solo or team up in four-player co-op mode as you shoot your way through an infinitely expandable range of levels, unravelling the mysteries of the multiverse. Coming to PSVR 2 in 2024.

Tiger Blade

Initially announced in June, Tiger Blade bills itself as a high-octane VR action experience that combines fast-paced sword combat and punchy gunplay. Set in an alternate Korea, you play the role of a deadly assassin working for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans. Ordered to steal a mysterious package from a rival chapter, you are shocked to find the object of the heist is a tiger cub. Coming to PSVR 2 on November 17th, 2023.

The Foglands

The Foglands is an atmospheric 3D roguelike shooter from Well Told Entertainment tasking you with discovering new paths, and uncovering old secrets. Run into the unknown, fight monsters, scavenge loot, and try to make it back before you are swallowed by the Fog. Coming to PSVR 2 and PS5 on October 31st, 2023. Pre-orders now live.

BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space

Developed by indie studio Changingday, BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space is billed as an autism-friendly VR adventure. Step aboard the space station Norpopolis where you’re tasked with collecting a cast of space creatures with your handy Vacuumizer 5000. The emphasis is on “fun, stress-free interactions without any fear of discouragement,” the studio says. Coming to PSVR 2 October 10th, 2023. Wishlist here.

City Builder 'Tropico' Comes to Quest, Letting You Become El Presidente of Your Own Banana Republic

PSVR 2 Ports & Updates

Among Us VR

Initially brought to VR by Schell Games, Innersloth, and Robot Teddy for Quest and PC VR, Among Us VR is bringing the immersive VR version of the hit multiplayer game to PSVR 2 sometime soon. Play with up to 10 players to sus out the Impostor and eject them from the airlock. No release date yet. Wishlist here.

Tin Hearts

Created by Rogue Sun, a studio founded by members of the team that created legendary adventure game Fable, Tin Hearts is a narrative puzzle adventure that centers on a tale of love and compromise. It’s already available on the original PSVR, however a free PSVR 2 update is coming this holiday season. A playable PSVR 2 demo is coming October 17th.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Resolution Games has done a lot to make Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs feel like the early Angry Birds games—no microtransactions and all of the fun of smacking over elaborately-constructed wooden forts holding evil green piggies within. Challenge yourself to bash through each three-dimensional puzzle to defeat Dr. Frankenswine, and create and share content with the online level builder. Owners of the original PSVR version can upgrade for $10. Coming to PSVR 2 October 10th, 2023. Wishlist here.

Ruinsmagus: Complete

Ruinsmagus: Complete was actually released on PSVR 2 by Japan-based studio CharacterBank a little over a week ago, bringing the JRPG’s mysterious ruins, ancient artifacts, and fierce battles to Sony’s latest VR headset for the first time. Previously launched on Quest and PC VR headsets last year, Ruinsmagus: Complete puts you in the common boots of new guild member, setting you out on a mission to strengthen the guild with your magic, resources, and wisdom across 25 story-driven quests. Buy it on PSVR 2 for $30.

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition launched on PSVR 2 and PS5 on September 27th, bringing the extraordinary origami-inspired adventure to Sony’s latest VR headset for the first time. Launched on the original PSVR in 2020 by Pixel Reef, Paper Beast was widely praised for its innovative gameplay, unique aesthetics, and surreal universe. Owners of the game on PS4 can upgrade to the new version for $5. Buy it on PSVR 2 for $25.

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Well before the first modern XR products hit the market, Scott recognized the potential of the technology and set out to understand and document its growth. He has been professionally reporting on the space for nearly a decade as Editor at Road to VR, authoring more than 3,500 articles on the topic. Scott brings that seasoned insight to his reporting from major industry events across the globe.
  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Would it kill them to make a sword art online vr game

    • Andrey

      Don’t even start rumbling about it – I was doing it for the last ten years without any success. They (and by “they” I don’t mean only Sony, but also Meta, Valve, Bandai Namco (they have IP rights for SAO games), Kadokawa [Games], Pico/ByteDance and everyone else who have at least some amount of money and connection to VR industry) already lost a golden opportunity to launch it on November 6, 2022. It would be a such great system seller for any platform – there were over 17 millions “active” fans of SAO back in 2017, and I believe that now after two seasons of Alicization and two movies + bunch of games, there are much more of us (and by “active” I mean those who actually bought the original ranobe/anime stuff (figures, etc.)/ordered DVDs and BDs and so on – in general I meant “willing to spend money on SAO”, – though those 17m was originally mentioned only regarding the ranobe itself (and even some of those pretty mediocre SAO games from Bamco sold above 1-1.5 million copies).
      The main thing that makes SAO a great (if not the greatest) potential system sellers out there – that will make people actually go and buy headsets for it – is the simple fact that this title is a) about gaming in general and particular games (SAO, ALO, GGO, UW, OS and even something like Asuka Empire) and features (swordfighting/flying/magic/shooting and so on) that translate greatly to VR and b) it’s about VR, so you don’t need to be an Einstein to realize that all those SAO fans, even if they never purchased any VR headsets, will be eager to try this new fancy SAO VR game just because “it’s SAO”. It would be nothing compared to the times when Valve announced HL Alyx and people started buying Index and other headsets – most of the audience (HL fans) were pretty skeptical about this whole thing and even nowadays there are still a lot of people who are waiting for an ideal NoVR mod and hate on Valve for making it VR only. And it’s somewhat reasonable – Half Life never was about VR, so making it an exclusive for it, from an average fan’s perspective, is a pretty stupid thing to do. On the other hand, SAO is all about VR, so being ready to purchase a headset to experience it is a pretty reasonable thing to do. Especially when fans can afford to buy all those figures and other anime stuff that cost hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars…
      That’s a real shame that all those people who make plans and decisions in those big companies are so out of touch from the media and popular culture. The only thing they think is how to make more money and buy another big house or how to add another expensive car to their collection, so they usually try to go the easiest way (creating games based on the most popular genres with microtransactions for cosmetics/lootboxes and so on). Noone wants to take even a small amount of risk even if eveything is for their favor. That’s really frustrating…
      P.S. If the Devil himself is reading this – I am ready to sell my soul for a great AAA (but not from Scamco Mustdie!) SAO VR game (even singleplayer) with at least Genshin Impact’s level of graphics and interaction. Contact me immediately if you are ready to seal the deal!

      • Anonymous

        Believe it or not since I prefer remaining an unregistered user , a Japanese friend of mine worked somewhere very close with Kadokawa.

        Kad is highly interested, however there are quite some bureaucratic and financial hurdles to clear before they can start one. Hence why so far they only did SAO VR Events instead of a full game.

        One particular concern KAD has is that most VR games are currently price capped at under $30. Although it is not “forced” by Meta/Sony, they needed proof from someone else to test waters with higher pricing and still do fine, to jump in.

        • Andrey

          Jesus, I usually don’t believe random people on the internet, but I want to (and most probably will) believe you! I have a couple of questions, is that fine to ask?
          Hypothetically, do they plan to do it themselves (I mean newfounded a couple of years ago Kadokawa Games department) or hire someone on the side with VR development experience, like, I don’t know, CharacterBank? Or, once again, they want to make Bamco do it for them and literally ruin everything?
          Is this potential game singleplayer or COOP/multiplayer or even MMO oriented?
          How in general they relate to Bamco and everything they do regarding SAO (releasing unfinished mediocre games/putting microtransactions in singleplayer projects and so on)? Are they really fine with it?
          And, finally, a question I just need to know an answer for – where they at least trying to create something VR-related before November 6, 2022? Like a rough test project with basic mechanics to show to higher ups or something that was never allowed for a full-scale development?
          Thank you even if you won’t be able to answer those questions! You literally give me at least a very small amount of hope for the future. As I said in my previous post, I already waited 10 years for that and I will wait another 10 or even 20 years if I need to.

          • Anonymous

            Great questions – unfortunately, none of these can be answered with certainty since KAD themselves likely are undecisive also. However my friend says some general Japanese work culture can be said so you can make your own guess.

            1. Who will make – unknown. However, KAD, if not Japanese companies in general – indeed has a tendency to stick to the vendors they can due to risk-aversion. Newer VR dedicated companies may be brought in as consultant or as (tier-1 is Bamco) tier-2 / tier-3 contractor (Japanese like multi-layer outsourcing), but full out adding new dev as tier-1 like CharacterBank is unlikely. (Also AFA my friend knows, Bamco does not do a lot of dev, more like project management. The real non-mobile SAO series game devs are ARTDING / Dimps / Acquria)

            2. Single or Coop – no answer. Project isn’t even given go-ahead yet.

            3. Are they fine with Bamco – why not? Game reviews are in the eyes of the beholder – and despite you may not like them, they didn’t do too badly for domestic fans.
            The unfortunate truth is that SAO games are considered an extension of the novel/anime, not some “mind-blowing AAA”. They would like, but don’t expect, like 1M sales in the 1st month or so, what they want is to keep the IP alive with constant new materials.
            Also related to 1., Bamco isn’t the actual dev. The tier-2 /3 devs are. It is Bamco’s decision to outsource to others, KAD only grants IP use.

            4. There are many internal mini-VR projects as proof of concept, but no full games so far, or at least my friend isn’t aware of. He isn’t top management level to know what every team in KAD and its affiliates are doing.

  • polysix

    PSVR2 needs a revision/improvement desperately, lots to like about it and I do miss mine occasionally (had to return it cos the cons outweighed the pros), but between the woeful sweet spot and the awful MURA (even in lit scenes), on top of the terrible comfort at the front.. a revision 2 with better lens/screens and padding would help, as would a PS5 pro to actually run it worth a damn..

    For now the Quest Pro I bought after PSVR2 (and sold my Q2 too) has been 10x better in every regard and only cost £150 more brand new sealed on ebay than PSVR2, and does it all wirelessly (PCVR I don’t play shatty standalone games).

    • Hans Wurst

      What a load…No one using it regularly even notices the MURA and the HDR and small sweetspot are always preferable to no HDR and bad LCD blacks.

      Quest Pro is 1/10 of the power of PS5, not comparable at all, no HDR and no oled blacks or eye-tracking. No haptics either. It’s apples and oranges, really.

      A PC for PCVR is 3 times the money of a PS5 so the point is moot.

      • shadow9d9

        The mura is absolutely insane and looks awful. You cannot unsee it. The sweet spot is tiny and there is blurry reprojection. Oled Black’s is pointless when there is insane mura. Quest pro has across the frame clarity that revolutionizes the experience.

        And what in the world are you talking about? It has faced and eye tracking. So you’ve clearly never experienced it and have no idea of what pancake lenses look like.

        • ApocalypseShadow

          Keep lying to yourself.

          • shadow9d9

            Janky mods are for non gamers that are too cheap to buy games.

            And you made the bold claim that it didn’t exist on the Pro. When it was pointed out, you refused to admit your mistake and doubled down. How embarrassing!

          • ApocalypseShadow

            I didn’t say Pro had no eye tracking. Learn to read and who said it.

            I said Pro has no eye tracking games by Facebook, no augmented reality games made by Facebook and no hand tracking games by Facebook. Name these BIG games they created for Pro? We’re all here reading and listening. You don’t have anything.

            And if PS VR 2 had huge problems in visuals, we’d all know about it. You guys just blow it up to be more than it is. Yeah. Pro does have clarity. But you ain’t got shit for games. You need PC for anything better that costs more than PS VR 2 and PS5 put together. Console gamers aren’t going to buy what you bought just to play early access demos and gorilla tag. Lol

          • shadow9d9

            We’d all know about it? Anyone that uses it knows about it. I have the psvr 2, rift s, quest pro, and will have 2 quest 3s soon. The psvr 2 won’t be touched until sony makes exclusives, if that ever happens. Short wire, insane screen door/mura, miniscule sweet spot.. playing a wire on a fresnel lens in 2023 is just an archaic experience.

            Pro has the entire quest library and the entire pc library. Tons of great games come out. You simply have to read reviews, and the quest 3 is about to be released after a 3 year cycle, with new exclusives.

            And I’d take clarity across the frame and open gasket vs a mini sweet spot, a short wire, insane mura, and blurry reprojection on a fresnel lens any day of the week and back. PSVr 2’s sales are atrocious and sony is accordingly doing nothing. 6 months of silence.

          • ApocalypseShadow

            GT7 and Horizon are exclusives. RE8 is an exclusive. Synapse is an exclusive. Firewall Ultra is an exclusive. RE4 Remake VR is an exclusive. And so on. You’re just a liar.

            You think just because you hopped around in bed with other headsets unsatisfied doesn’t mean other gamers bought what you bought, bought a PC or any other shit.

            Pro has the entire Quest library that doesn’t take advantage of the hardware. How much did you spend for it? And you don’t got shit for it. The power of it is no better than Quest 2. So there’s no graphics jump. Wasted your money buddy. And still needed a PC like I said to have anything for it. But PC barely gets anything. The rest are mods and early access demos. Tell the truth homie

            PS VR 2 does price clarity depending on the developer and game. Don’t lie again. You don’t know what PS VR 2 sales are so your lying again. Donuts not trying to sell a mass market item. Facebook is. Let’s see if they can sell a headset at $500 and $650 with expensive peripherals like $130 docks. Tell the whole truth.

            What major games were announced for Quest 3? Only one game from Facebook and its not a mass market system seller. No augmented reality games and no hard tracking games that are killer apps. They are just riding on old shit from Quest 2. Tell the truth or get burned up by lies. All you got is Creed. And that might only be launch exclusive. There’s nothing else. Name some AAA games for this new headset for launch? You can’t. That means Sony launched with more exclusives than Facebook with two which was GT7 and Horizon. While Asgard’s Rath 2 is only ONE.

            Tell the truth homie. Lol

          • shadow9d9

            You have an exclusive climbing game… and Firewall got annihilated in reviews and trashed on the psvr reddit forums. Synapse got panned for low content. 2 more of those are old ports.

            Playing on a short wire that doesn’t even let me reach the entirety of my smaller VR room in my house just sucks.. not to mention the mini sweet spot and insane mura. Fresnel lenses are so incredibly outdated after using the QPro. Once the masses get to see what it is like to actually see clearly, via pancake lenses, it is going to be devastating to psvr. People won’t want to go back to fresnel.

            I still have the psvr if Sony ever decides to make some good exclusives that are not part of the insanely tired and repetitive resident evil series(a series that needs to die).

          • ViRGiN


          • Andrew Jakobs

            But the PSVR2 has a cable.. that alone is why I wouldn’t buy it. Unless Sony or anybody else, comes out with a wireless module. Since I’ve had my, IMHO very expensive, vive wirelessmodule, I never EVER want to go back to cable, hell, I’m even annoyed by the cable that leads from the module to the battery.
            Also, I don’t own a PS5. If it would have PS3 (disc based) BC, the PS5 is very capable if emulating the PS3 (with enhanced graphicsettings), I would buy one. As far as I know the PS5 still hasn’t support for playing 3D blurays.

          • KRAKEN

            your demands from modern hardware are archaic.
            3D TV is dead.
            PS3 is ancient system and will never be hardware emulated on consoles, you can stream PS3 games or just emulate them on PC, there are not that many PS3 exclsuives

          • Andrew Jakobs

            Yeah, so? IMHO any new console which is capable of emulating its predecessor should have BC. Problem with streaming PS3 games is that you have to pay for them again, even though I still have 200+ PS3 games which I play regularly. I don’t want to emulate them on the PC.

          • ApocalypseShadow

            So, you have a PS3 but complain you can’t play them on another device. Ridiculous.

            BC was a courtesy by Sony in previous consoles. No other console manufacturer was doing it. Helps at the launch of a new console but gets forgotten when thousands of new games get made.

            BC is nice to have. But not as big a deal you make it out to be being that you can play them right now.

            “But but but what happens if my PS3 breaks?”

            If PS5 had BC with PS3 and it broke, you still couldn’t play your games. There’s no difference. You still have to fix your console.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            My PS3 might break. But I can’t buy a new PS3, but I can buy a new PS5.

            And the problem with the switch not being able to play SNES games is because there is no slot for the original cartridge, and I refuse to pay again for a digital version of which I already own the original cartridge. But in reality they could support it through an external USB cartridgereader.

            Maybe it’s not a big deal to you, but it’s a major deal for me, I don’t want a gazillion consoles connected to my TV, I want one that plays it all.

          • ApocalypseShadow

            So, you’re saying you feel entitled for a manufacture to keep making future products BC with previous products just so that you can have a clean entertainment center where you don’t have to have all your consoles connected to your TV? Lol.

            You probably got so used to stealing games and downloading them to play on emulators on PC, that you think all consoles should and could do it for your benefit. Sure buddy.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            If they already have BC through digital download and I have to rebuy the same game I have on disc just so I can play it through BC, then yes, I feel certainly entitled, as I already own the original game. Even if it is only using the disc for a check if you own the original.
            If the console is powerfull enough to emulate the older consoles and it’s technically simple to use the original disc as a base, then why should they not add BC.. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all have some sort of BC through digital download and are recashing on the older games. I own a license to the original games so I should not have to pay again for the same game (mind you, a remaster/remake is something different). When you buy a game on disc, all you do is buy a license to the game, the only thing you own is the disc.

            It’s been a very VERY long time since I last ‘stole’ a game, on consoles I never ‘stole’ a game, even though my PS3 is running a custom firmware (as I originally bought my PS3 (phat) for bluray and OtherOS, games was just an extra for me (even though by now I have more than 200 disc based PS3 games and a couple of PSN games), and started using the custom firmware once they removed the linux part. Only use the CFW for homebrew of things I make myself or use Movian (excellent mediaplayer).

            And it’s not just for my benefit, there are more people who still like playing older games but don’t want to have to switch consoles just to play them.

          • KRAKEN

            you regularly play ancient crap?! whats wrong with you?I also collected PS3 games, but the amount of PS3-ONLY exclusives low and the few ones i consider worthwhile i play on PC, in 4K

          • Andrew Jakobs

            Yes, I still play a lot of ‘ancient crap’, as I still love those games, I’m not a big graphics junkie, started out with pong when I grew up and went through the whole graphics advances. I have a pretty big PC games collection, but still a lot of the PS3 games I have aren’t available on PC. Also I really love the ‘lightgun’ games using the move controller (like dead chest pirates, house of the dead games) on a 3,m wide screen, which there is no PC alternative for (other then VR ofcourse).

          • ApocalypseShadow

            He basically picked something that isn’t going to happen to say why he doesn’t have a PS5. Over 4,000 PS4 games and PSVR and he picks PS3 on why he won’t get it. Totally ridiculous.

            Or one wire that produces high detail coming from PS5 graphics, HDR, haptics in the headset, OLED, great 3D sound and not having to worry about battery life at all. But that one thin wire is a no go.

            They’d rather have 2-3 hour battery life, less graphics detail, no OLED, no HDR, no haptics in the headset.

            Can’t make this stuff up. Just like I’d take a headphone connection over any Bluetooth connection. Or my PC connected directly instead of a wireless connection. They glorify wireless but Facebook has no room scale games made at all. And not enough 3rd parties have either. Most gamers are played stationary. Just look at Quest commercials. You don’t even see any marketing of room scale. Just gamers standing in place. They blow up having a thin wire. Even Zuck directly attacking Apple Vision Pro having a wire as a bad thing. It’s not connected to a wall. You can move about with that battery just like a battery in the headset. If rather a lighter headset on my face than a battery that hurts my face and neck. But listen to their nonsense. Lol

          • vancleefmustache

            Personally I’m enraged that my PSVR2 doesn’t play my old Atari Jaguar games. You dropped the ball, Sony, and should be shot into space.

        • Hans Wurst

          I own several PCVR headsets. I just played Red Matter and Red Matter 2 on my PSVR2. They look better and sharper with better colours, better haptics and immersion etc than on any other headset! Get lost with your exaggerated BS

      • ViRGiN

        show us on the doll where quest standalone hurt your feelings

    • ApocalypseShadow

      Ridiculous. How much did you spend on that PC and your Quest Pro? What games use eye tracking on your Pro? Face tracking? What AAA games are you getting on PC excluding waiting for mod support?

      Lol. Ridiculous. Consoles are about compromise and reasonable prices for what you get. And PS VR 2 still has things your headset doesn’t have. You’re silly.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Where did you get a brand new Quest Pro for only £150 more as a brand new PSVR2 headset, or do you mean the combination of PSVR2 + PS5?

  • Ernimus Prime

    Where is Aces of Thunder game? I haven’t heard anything more about it since the PSVR2 was announced.

  • I need to take a moment to thank you guys for condensing this information into one article instead of having individual ones for each game. Much more convenient to read even if it means less “ad impressions” for you. Just want you to know I see you and appreciate what you’re doing.
    Also thanks for not pay-walling the comments section x), although I would be happy to support RTVR if you ever decided to make a Patreon or something.

  • XRC

    Great article and an interesting line up of new software.

  • ApocalypseShadow

    Sony keeps getting more and more games. Some releasing real soon. The haters are trying their best but all you got to ask them that have Quest 2, 3 and Pro are “Where are the big game announcements for the new headset?” Asgard’s Rath 2? Is that all? Lol. But Sony gets bashed for releasing GT7 and Horizon and supporting Capcom exclusivity with RE8. Better be something huge announced for Quest 3 because it’s been a year of nothing already. Lol.

    Seriously. All that talk about ports and Quest 3 is getting ports. All that talk about one game when there was 2. And Quest 3 is getting one Facebook game at launch. Lol. With Creed looking like a launch exclusive and not a full one. Which will look way better on PS VR 2. Yeah. We’re laughing.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      But then again, most games in this article are already available on PCVR or Quest, and just like many PSVR games get updates to PSVR2, so will many Quest 2 games. And in regard to graphics on the Quest 3, examples like Red Matter 2 demo shows the incredible enhancement over the Q2, without need for eyetracking (which ofcourse would have been a major advancement, but also added a lot to the base price) or the very annoying cable.
      Also as I gather from comments by the creator of virtual desktop, the Q3 has even very good improvements on wireless streaming, as in better visuals, over the Q2 thanx to the new soc which also supports AV1). So PCVR gaming using the Q3 wireless will also be much better as the Q2 is, so increasing the availability of many more games (crappy or not).

      • ApocalypseShadow

        No. The thing was that Sony got bashed for some of the best existing games getting updated or upgraded visually. But the same thing is happening to Quest 3. Hypocrisy. With no big game announcements for the launch of Quest 3. Still no GTA and one Facebook game releasing that’s not even mass market material. That’s what I’m saying. You can’t target Sony when Facebook is lacking for a new headset launch.

        Red Matter 2, an indie game, still looks better on PS VR 2. End of. And on a wire. Lol.

        Adding any PC that matches or exceeds PS5 power or price negates any talk about cheaper price. Quest 3 starts at $500 before adding that cost of your PC. Don’t just half truth it. Tell the full truth. PS5 starts at $399 before the headset. Which is cheaper again?

        I didn’t say any games were crappy on PC. It’s just funny that Sony gets bashed for all these good indie games getting updated. But it’s okay that Quest or PC to have them. You can’t ignore the hypocritical thought processes that form in your minds. Sony can’t have them. But your headset can. Sony’s getting exclusives as well that aren’t on PC or Quest but the narrative is that Sony is not getting games. So then it begs the question,

        “For a platform that supposedly has sold 20 million headsets, where are the big games?”

        That’s the elephant in the room. For PC having all this power and higher resolution, where are the big game announcements? How come games like RE8, RE4 Remake VR or Synapse are launching on PS VR 2 and not PC or Quest?

        Want me to state that again? 20 million headsets. And you know Zuck is just going to puke on Quest 3 numbers in the pot. So, where are the big games for well those headset sales? Right? RIGHT??

    • shadow9d9

      What, ports of existing games?

      Looking beter on psvr 2? With the insane mura and tiny sweet spot, to be stuck on a short wire? I own the psvr 2, but the only time I will pull it out is if it ever gets sony exclusives.

      • ApocalypseShadow

        Yeah. Insane murah that a few nitpickers notice from buying multiple headsets trying to find the perfect one and still haven’t.

        Quest 3 is getting ports, updates of existing games. The same thing Sony got bashed for. Don’t act ignorant of what I’m saying.

        But where are the huge announcements of games for a platform that supposedly sold 20 million headsets? Where’s the big announcements for a new headset launch of Quest 3?You can’t ignore that number. A number that size should have gotten you RE8 and RE4. Even Synapse. Maybe No Man’s Sky to play on the go. Nope.

        Seems those 20 million headsets are an illusion with low retention of players that continue playing Quest before the dust settles.

        • shadow9d9

          Huge pixels giving a crazy screen door effect that has been gone for years on other headsets. Yes, readily apparent.

          Quest has 8 studios making exclusives behind them like Asgard’s Wrath 2, plus third party like Asscreed.

          Umm, quest 2 got RE4 years ago, which is p[lenty in the oversaturated and dull zombie genre.

          10x the sales for devs as PCVR shows that retention rate is good enough.

          No man’s sky is a 7 year old game now. Time to let it go. People with the quest that have wanted to play it, did so many years ago.

          Synapse was panned in every review for having no content, which is why it died.

          And quest generally is the original audience, which then gets ported later to pcvr and psvr 2 the vast majority of the time.

          • Mike

            pcvr just got portal 2 so there’s that. psvr2 doesn’t have a screen door effect, your bias is showing. I can compare because I have a psvr2, psvr1, quest 2, rift s and reverb g2 v2

          • CrusaderCaracal

            portal 2 has been out on vr for a while now

      • Life’sToShortToWaste

        Sell, the set. Problem solved or are you high on psvr2 is bad crusade, that without dosage of sourness you get from it would make your life meaningless

        And move along, unless you have something useful to contribute :)

    • Idahodreams

      8 months of shovelware… I pre-ordered and bought day one. Amazing tech, followed by severely lacking software. Sure, NMS, RE8 and soon RE4 and gt7… after than it’s more of the same cell shade garbage… SUGER MESS?! cmon! It’s even more frustrating see great AAA titles, knowing the potential, and then getting shovalware and ports… Greenhell looks TERRIBLE. SMH.

      • ApocalypseShadow

        You mean the same cell shaded garbage that’s on other headsets like PC, Pico and Quest? Isn’t that more on indies and not Sony? But you want to blame Sony for indies lack of funds, their targeting of Quest platforms that have limited power that pushes them to make flat shaded games? Those indie developers sure weren’t making money on PC. That’s why they went with the cheap Quest platforms. You can blame Facebook for low power headsets as the reason.

        Don’t know about you but GT7, RE8, RE4, Horizon, etc don’t look cartoony. Games like Project Wingman and Lo-fi don’t look cartoony either. Sounds like a design choice. But I’d bet you’re probably playing Beat Saber and gorilla tag though. Lol

        • Idahodreams

          Last time I checked I referred to SONYS headset. I don’t own any other. Yes. It has 4 AAA game so, great potential. Maybe you can’t read. No don’t play beat off Saber. Half baked software is available…. store consists of mostly “announced ” wtf is that? Wingman…. waitiing… lofi… only indie that looks amazing… facts are facts… 7 is y4ars from psvr1 and the software planning was nil…

  • ViRGiN

    PSVR2 is dead, just like PCVR.
    Enjoy your upscaled Quest ports with a tether!

    • LMAO

      Ignorant troll alert!

      • ViRGiN

        Tactical nuke incoming alert!

        • LMAO

          Ignorant troll alert!

          • ViRGiN

            Ignorant troll alert!

  • gothicvillas

    No big bangers :/ lots of small indie projects only

    • ApocalypseShadow

      All headsets get them. Sony is just announcing games that are releasing soon so that the community knows about them. Nothing more.

  • Wowww, lots of content!

  • NL_VR

    LoL VR has come a long way when there are fanboy wars in comments

  • Unknown

    Why does it take so long for a game to get to psvr2

  • Sven Viking

    That Foundation game is looking good.