Sony Reveals New PlayStation VR Launch Title ‘Tethered’


With things already heating up for this year’s E3, Sony has today announced a new addition to the PlayStation VR lineup—Tethered, an impossibly cute strategy game from UK-based studio Secret Sorcery.

Commanding a flying village of little creatures, known as ‘Peeps’, ain’t easy, especially when every night a gang of monsters tries to steal the only thing that that keeps the little freaks at bay, your village’s Spirit Energy. The only way to beat back the hordes is to build up your village by day and fight the beasts by night.

According to the official PlayStation Blog announcement of the game, Tethered was “[d]esigned and developed exclusively for VR,” and borrows game mechanics from “…a sand-box experience you might expect from a great strategy game and combines them with gentle puzzle mechanics that help pull you through the experience, all the while wrapping you up in a beautifully immersive universe.”

Tethered is Secret Sorcery’s debut title, and is slated to arrive alongside PlayStation VR in Autumn 2016.

Development on Tethered, PSVR’s latest launch title, started just last year by a number of ex-Evolution Studios members, a now defunct subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment known for the World Rally franchise and Drive Club (2014).

We reported earlier that Sony just confirmed 10 titles that will appear in playable form on PlayStation VR at E3 in LA next week. It’s not clear if Tethered will be playable at the show, but the PS4 powered VR headset due to launch in October, certainly won’t be starved of content at the show.

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  • Sam Illingworth

    “Evolution Studios members, a now defunct subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment known for the World Rally franchise and Drive Club”

    Huh, the first thing I’d have listed there is Motostorm. Is that just me?

    I’m not quite seeing what makes this a VR game rather than just a game in VR.

    • Matt R

      “I’m not quite seeing what makes this a VR game rather than just a game in VR.”

      I Agree. Lucky;s Tale and Edge of Nowhere fall into that category too.

    • DaKangaroo

      “I’m not quite seeing what makes this a VR game rather than just a game in VR.”

      Hit the nail on the head. There’s no reason why this game couldn’t be easily converted into a traditional game with a mouse and keyboard or controller. You couldn’t say the same for something like, for example, Job Simulator or Tilt Brush. I think they’ve kinda missed the point of VR.

      Then again, traditionally launch titles for anything console related have usually kinda sucked so I guess it’s to be expected.

      • Sam Illingworth

        I think if people buy PS VR thinking it gets them some exclusive games, then a few months later those games come our for normal PlayStation, those people will be peeeeeved.

      • Have you ever played Lucky’s Tale?

        Thirty seconds with that game will show you how much of a difference playing with the headset improves platformers.

  • yunaiki

    Where are the “REAL” VR games?

  • Doctor Bambi

    Those eyes… Those dead, dead eyes! O_O