Sony have sent out invites to an “exclusive PlayStation VR press event”, due to take place during the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco on March 15th.

sony-2016-playstation-vr-pressevent-gdcSony’s affinity with the GDC conference in San Francisco in relation to its PlayStation 4 powered virtual reality headset PlayStation VR is a strong one. The electronics giant used the venue unveil the VR tech formerly known as ‘Project Morpheus’ to a delighted audience in 2014 and gave attendees their first glimpse at their vision for console-powered virtual reality.

The following year, Sony shared its advancements, demonstrating the latest revision of the headset, sporting a 120Hz capable OLED display and their ‘re-projection’ technology, capable of interpolating 60Hz VR experiences to 120Hz.

Now, with PlayStation VR preparing for launch in Q2 of 2016, Sony are once again using GDC as the platform to bring the world up to date on its plans for VR. It’s sent out invites to select members of the press, inviting them to a 4 hour long event kicking off at 6pm PST with the promise of hands on time with the technology.

No specifics are available yet but, as both Oculus and Valve / HTC have been very much in the limelight since CES – with consumer launches pending for both the Rift and the Vive – Sony likely want to remind everyone they’re not far behind the rest of the pack.

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sony 2015 morpheus prototype hands on (2)

The last major event showcasing the PlayStation VR was at Paris Games week in October last year followed by a somewhat muted presence of the device at CES in Las Vegas last month. Sony will likely use the event to remind the world that its growing VR games line up is still strong and perhaps, now that we know how much we’ll be paying for the Rift and the Vive, we’ll finally learn pricing for PSVR. We may even receive confirmation on final hardware too.

Road to VR will be be at the event to learn more, as well as bringing you all the latest from both GDC and the inaugural VRDC due to kick off March 14th.

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  • SpartanView

    If all things continue as they are, this will be the next HMD I buy. Having tried them all, except for CV1, using the psvr, was the most fluid, and pleasant experience.

    • care package

      Maybe because of these two things:
      1. less graphically intensive
      2. faking refresh rate to 120 hz.
      Sony will most likely reign king, but it won’t be the BEST VR experience. That will go to where the real muscle is needed. Vive or Rift.
      When I say the BEST VR experience, I mean everything that will contribute to feeling like you really are in a virtual reality.
      I might be surprised though. Time will tell.

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    the most fluid experience using 6 year old controller and a 3 year old camera…. yeah RIGHT!!!

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    occlusion is a real problem with light based tracking like PSVR an Oculus touch… lighthouse is the way to go for precise tracking….

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    cost aside, room scale like the vive as given me the most compelling experience…

  • Kai2591

    More Summer Lessons?

  • Anthony Kenneth Steele

    If they upgrade the screen resolution I won’t mind at all

    • care package

      They can’t, at least not without including a more powerful external processor that is already part of the package, and that would just make it more expensive.

      • Anthony Kenneth Steele

        O well

    • Voice of Reason

      PSVR sports a true native 1080p screen (1920 x 1080) with 3 sub-pixels per pixel and 120 hertz refresh, it’s without a doubt equal to or better than its competitors, who both have a rated 2160 x 1200 pentile screen with shared blue and red sub-pixels, meaning only green is rendered at the rated resolution, and they are 90 hertz refresh.