One year on from Project Morpheus’ reveal at GDC 2104, Shuhei Yoshida just unveiled the newest prototype – now sporting some significant upgrades.

With a 1080p OLED panel capable of low persistence it, those aspects match Oculus’ DK2 which shipped last year. The kicker? The Panel runs at 120Hz, compared with the DK2’s 75Hz.


Yoshida also revealed that the system will finally ship to retail in the first half of 2016, Quarter 2 to be precise.

Elsewhere, Yoshida proudly announced the tech teams at Sony had managed to reduce latency on the headset (presumably overall motion to photons) to 18ms “..less than half of the first prototype.”


This story is breaking – we’ll bring you more soon.



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  • Stray Toaster

    The specs alone sound amazing. I am very impressed with the lag coming down to only 18ms and the OLED display. This might not be the highest resolution VR headset but given that it will be running on a two-year old console and it aims for 120fps, it would not be realistic to expect something higher. I hope that SONY will allow developers and users to use this headset on Macs and PCs too.

  • seanlumly

    Outstanding specs, nearly exactly what Valve quoted as being essential for a true sense of presence. The sub-pixel arrangement should help with the perceived resolution, and put it not too far off of the 1440p panels in most existing prototypes.

    I can only imagine the insane spending frenzy of the 2016 holidays. This has the potential to cause temporary insanity in shoppers with kids demanding this as a holiday gift! This will truly be the first non-niche, breakaway consumer VR success, and Sony is proving to be a very good liaison to the virtual world.

  • Jacob Pederson

    This is absolutely great news! Now to convince developers that 120fps is a must . . .

  • korgabor96

    Well… I don’t really understand the whole sony vr thing … As long as i know sony is in deep shit now.
    According to some predictions in a few years they will become bankrupt (well they say the same for amd for years so maybe nothing serious), and ok the morpheus have great specs, at the moment almost the best (if not the best) on the market, but what are they want with it when the mot demanding games are running on their console at 30, max 60 fps sub-1080p?
    Don’t misunderstand me im not a hater but to be realist, they have nothing to do on the vr market for now.
    (sry for bad english)

    • Rokrull

      On one hand Sony are in hard times, on the other hand, the Playstation division is the only division that is not only solvent but hugely successful. PS4 VR might be the only thing that can save them.

    • crim3

      It’s just a question of how many polygons to render. The message from Oculus in the last year or so is that fps are more important than detail for VR, but it seems it’s mostly ignored by developers and users. It looks like the general feeling is that a step back in graphics is a defeat.
      I’m pretty sure that a console like PS4 can render beautiful graphics at 120 fps once the level of detail is properly adjusted with that goal.

  • Rokrull

    Much better specs then I expected from them. Now if the Move only had haptic feedback it could be a great introductory VR input.
    If it ends up $300+ it’s 100% “meh”, but if Sony can somehow keep this in the $199-$299 range this could be the perfect entry level device for VR with HTC/Valve and Oculus providing the premium range.