SpicyTails, the studio behind VR anime experience Project LUX (2018), recently launched a Kickstarter for their latest VR project, Spice & Wolf VR. After having reached their initial funding goal of ¥8,000,000 (~$70,800) in the Kickstarter’s first 24 hours, the campaign has now hit the 200% fulfillment mark.

While the project tripled its funding goal on Japanese crowdfunding platform Campfire in relatively short order, it wasn’t certain if Spice & Wolf VR would see the same level of success outside of Japan at the onset. It seems the manga and anime’s Western fan base has spoken, and they definitely want Spice & Wolf in VR.

At the time of this writing, the Spice & Wolf VR Kickstarter has garnered ¥16,157,000 (~$143,686), an excellent result for a campaign that went live only 9 days ago; the campaign will come to an end on January 12th, 2019.

Image courtesy SpicyTails

The lowest funding tier at ¥3,000 (~$27) gets you a download key for the platform of your choice: Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, PSVR, or Oculus Quest. The game is estimated to arrive sometime in May 2019 for Rift, Go, and Vive.

Since the addition of PSVR and Quest support was the result of a Campfire stretch goal, SpicyTails says that those users will likely see their copies “months later.”

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SpicyTails says scenarios in Spice & Wolf VR will be written by original series author Isuna Hasekura, and will include the anime’s original Japanese voice actors. The production staff includes original author Tsukasa Okura, character design by Ju Ayakura, 3D modeling and motion by Keisuke Sakakibara, and voice actors Ami Koshimizu (Holo) and Jun Fukuyama (Kraft).

Check out the Kickstarter here for the full list of funding tiers.

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