Survios, the studio behind Raw Data (2017), announced a closed beta test for Sprint Vector, its multiplayer competitive foot racing game. The closed beta began on January 20th and go through January 28th. Race to find one of 20 closed beta keys that we’ve hidden within.

Update (1/22/18): All of the Sprint Vector Closed Beta keys in this article have been claimed. You can also get in the running for a key directly from Survios by signing up here for the closed beta.

Update (1/20/18): The Sprint Vector closed beta has begun and runs all week until January 28th. We’ve got 20 keys granting access to the closed beta through Steam (which supports both Vive and Rift).

We’re not going to make you sign up for anything to get them (though if you aren’t already following us on social media, feel free to link up with us on Facebook and Twitter); the keys are hidden in the screenshots in this article, use these instructions to redeem your code through SteamAfter you’ve redeemed your code, it would be mighty kind of you to drop your code as a reply in the comments below, that way your fellow readers don’t waste their time trying to redeem codes which have already been claimed.

Original Article (1/16/18): The beta, which will include up to 8-players in competitive racing matches, will be available through both Oculus Home and SteamVR. Survios is now accepting beta signups here.

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The full release of Sprint Vector is slated to launch globally in Q1 2018 on PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The beta will include access to three competitive maps, a number of different playable characters, and all of final game’s power-ups. The studio is also debuting a challenge mode featuring two single-player maps with “unique challenges,” arriving alongside quick play and private lobbies.

Sprint Vector Closed Beta Schedule

While the solo portion of the game will be open to beta testers throughout the 10-day period, Survios will only be opening multiplayer servers during the weekends from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM PT in the US, and from 18:00 to 21:00 CET in the EU.

Featuring a unique locomotion scheme dubbed ‘Fluid Locomotion’ which requires you to pump your arms as if you were actually running, our hands-on with Sprint Vector proved to be extremely comfortable despite the fast-paced nature of the game. By fast-paced, I mean zipping through a Mario Kart-style track while making a 40-foot jump, all at an unbelievably blistering speed.

We’ve been following Sprint Vector since it was first teased early last year, and hope to see just how the game has shaped up in the meantime. We’ll be bringing you our impressions in the next few days, so check back soon.

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  • benz145


    Key finders, AFTER you claim your key, please comment the key that you found as a reply to this comment. I will compile them here so that other readers don’t waste their time trying to redeem keys that have already been found.

    • Ian

      I just found the key in the first image, thanks so much, im super excited to try sprint vector

      • benz145

        After claiming, please let me know which key it was!

        • Jason Gorman

          HVD9Y-XXXX-T3W incomplete KEY? What are last two digits. Are any unclaimed now?

          • benz145

            You’re right, that one was cut short. The last two digits are ZZ.

    • Ian Tomlinson

      Key starting L555D is used. Thank you very much!

    • Caigan

      6th image, ZDLL0-HP0TP-VYF0J

    • Beyond Infinity

      4TH – Z2HRQ

    • red

      Image 5: 2ZA4I-L7V9C-Z282K

    • ben

      Image 2, 9VWQ4 taken

    • bob

      all coded have been taken someone else must off already tried

  • Ian Tomlinson

    Starting L555D is used. Thank you very much!

  • Geoffroy

    Starting 82A6X is used sooooo excited ! Thanks Road to VR

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    Are also all used.

    • benz145

      Thanks, that’s very helpful to your fellow readers : ). Added to the master thread.

  • Jas2o

    Thanks very much! Picked up: TJQ5V-F6WB4-LD46N (image 5)

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  • vrfan

    I got X5M0C from the first pic. Thank you devs and thank you roadtovr!!

    • Janet

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    Let me know if anyone needs a key. I have a spare key.

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      i would gladly accept it if u r willing.

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        Here’s the key : R4TWE-3WF9Q-A07T4

        • benz145

          Was that one you found in this post or elsewhere?

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            I got it from

          • Dylan Schaefer

            THANK YOU. U R A GOD. real generous

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    someone already took

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      Thank you, good finds, I have added these to the claimed list.

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    I’ve found one but there seems to be a letter missing it starts with

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      You’re right, that one was cut short. The final letter is E.

  • Andreas Zetterström

    Out of curiosity; how was the information encoded in the images? hidden metadata? some extra channel? miniature pixel encoding?

    • benz145

      All codes were hidden in the images as visible alphanumeric characters. Find any?