Star Citizen may be the world’s most ambitious Early Access project (and quite possibly the next textbook example of Development Hell). For those still holding their breath, the company has recently affirmed that VR support is still planned as an eventual feature, and the game’s developers say that a new UI design is made with VR in mind.

Beginning development as a 2012 Kickstarter project that raised a respectable $2.1 million, Star Citizen has in the years since ballooned in scope and scale, having now raised $156.1 million to date. The huge AAA budget hasn’t served to get the ambitious space action simulator out the door any sooner, with an initial release date planned for 2014, though now no firm date set even as of 2017.

Star Citizen aims to be a universe full of compelling space action. | Image courtesy Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen is taking a very open development route compared to games of the same blockbuster scale, which means that players have been able to follow along as developer Cloud Imperium Games adds steadily to the alpha version of the title. The game has expanded quite a bit throughout the course of development, though one missing (but promised) feature has been VR support.

As it’s been more than a year since the launch of the Rift and Vive headsets (and because VR isn’t something you can simply slap onto an FPS and expect it to play well or comfortably) onlookers have been growing increasingly restless at the lack of even experimental VR support.

At the beginning of 2016 the studio said they planned to refocus their VR efforts in “early” 2016. When we last checked in with the game’s VR status in February 2017, a senior developer wasn’t sending very reassuring of signals, telling folks “don’t hold your breath” with regards to VR support.

We reached out to the company this week to ask if VR is still coming to Star Citizen. The response wasn’t inspiring, but the company at least says they are still committed to VR. A spokesperson offered the following:

Nothing new really to report here. We do plan on having VR support for Star Citizen. But it’s just having to fit in as a technology with all the other tech that we are currently incorporating into the game. As I’m sure you know, VR technology is evolving quickly. As with anything that fits this category, we are going to spend the time to make sure it’s integrated properly for our game.

There’s at least one hint that the studio is considering VR support as a factor in their design decisions: in the studio’s latest weekly update video, spotted by Reddit user KrisTiasMusic, the developers showed off a new UI that’s in development which they call mobiGlas—a wrist-mounted interface projection which appears in-world, rather than being attached to the player’s game camera. They say that one reason for this design approach is to ensure it makes sense with the first person view of a VR headset.

Fundamentally mobiGlas is a diegetically projected UI. And what this means is that the UI is meant to be seen by not just you as the player, but also is meant to be visible by your in-game character as well. So basically your player-character is aware of the UI just as you as the player are aware of it through your screen. And we do this for a couple of reasons. One is because the fact that we retain the visual connection between your player-character and the UI makes it much more immersive to use. Because we will be a VR capable game, we’re kind of forced to project the UI in 3D space, because otherwise it just wouldn’t work. In a traditional flat 2D menu you just wouldn’t be able to read it. So you need to project it at some sort of distance away for it to actually be usable. So we sort of do that from the get-go and that’s sort of always been our driving paradigm in UI design.

So at least for the game’s interface, the developers are thinking a bit about how to approach it to ensure it makes sense for eventual VR support. Of course, there’s much more to Star Citizen than just the interface, and much to sort out in order to make it a truly viable VR title.

Do you think Star Citizen will get there? Let us know in the comments.

Update (8/12/17): An earlier version of this article referred to Roberts Space Industries as the developer of Star Citizen, however Roberts Space Industries is an entity within the game as well as the cross-fictional frontend website for the titleCloud Imperium Games is the nonfiction name of the developer, and this has been corrected in the article.

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  • Meow Smith

    It was a given it was going to be added in eventually, i don’t know why so many people made such a fuss when they said it wasn’t going to be added in in the near future, current hardware already struggles with getting a decent framerate in SC, why the mad need for SC to have a choppy pixelated version of VR asap.

    • Raphael

      It’s not the need to have it ASAP. The game is in alpha… People want to know vr is coming eventually even if it’s a few years away.

  • George Vieira IV

    Roberts Space Industry is in fiction as far as I know, CIG ( Cloud Imperium Games) is making the game.

    • benz145

      You’re right, thanks for pointing this out. Updating the article with a correction!

      • Fundamentalist Daleks

        that’s not true. RSI is indeed a real corporation and stopped being a joke years ago. Their corporate structure is confusing on purpose, with over two dozen names involved for tax reasons.

        • Joe_Blober

          For Readers:
          Pure lies. Their structure is based on the fact they do have several studios in different countries, not to confuse anyone as every thing is public and legally transparent. Such structure allow to hire talent that would have not move to U.S. as well as local tax deductions that sum up to +7M$ already.
          In fact… CIG save backers money doing so but good luck to explain that to hater :)

          And for Readers information, you Fundamentalist Daleks are one of the few trolls that try to soil CIG since years with sentence like, quote from your recent comment:

          “Chris Roberts is a lying incompetent building an opera house for his talentless wife”

          That say a lot about your true behavior.

          Keep hating man if that help you to live :)

          • kool

            I’m stealing that last line!

    • Except the launcher is called RSI Launcher, which makes no sense

  • Mane Vr

    I hope they let us use the thumbstick on the touch to fly our ships i don’t want to have to search for then when i am finish flying.. they already setup thw interface in the ship in away that could work just like the controls in star trek

  • Ombra Alberto

    I went to Star Citizen exclusively thinking of Vr support.

    Very disappointed with this game.

    If there is no VR support, Starcitizen does not do it for me.

    • Joe_Blober

      VR support is planned but it will be implemented after release. All UI are made thinking about VR. Some backers were able to use some hack to simulate VR.

      • Jason Mercieca

        After release, really? When it will be released in 2048 lol, then wait 1 decade fir vr nice :)

  • Ulric L. Wolf

    They’re going to remain as vague as they can, while hinting X and/or Y will come ‘soon’ to minimize potential impact on ‘funding’

    • burzum

      Well, still better than selling a bug ridden game and keep your audience paying for “season” updates that then suddenly turned into yearly updates and the game just starts feeling more than a basic prototype – more than 2.5 years after it’s release… However, the game world feels still shallow and boring, same crap in every system. Guess what game I’m talking about: Elite Dangerous. I’m still highly disappointed about it, especially about the non-communication of the developer with the community. And I’ve been a beta baker of it but got my money luckily back after they decided to drop the offline version. Got it then for 15€ on Steam again later but I regret that I have spent that money as well. :(

      • evo_9

        All these space games over promise… SC, Elite and No Man’s Sky… take your pick… but hey it’s nice to have competition in this space and eventually one of these games will (hopefully) deliver on all their promises. I’m kinda amazed the NMS team is still plugging away and dropping pretty major updates regularly, the game has actually become pretty great with the Atlas Rising update and so far they’ve resisted the urge to ding us for more cash via a DLC move.

      • Ulric L. Wolf

        Only if they succeed in producing something… SC fails you’ve got squat, and they’re nowhere near Chris’s MVP even now.

        • Raphael

          Ummm….lol. One giant lol. Yeah, sure to fail ain’t it flappy. Doomed ain’t it flappy.

          • Ulric L. Wolf

            English, do you speak it Zippy? I didn’t offer/state an opinion in regards to the likely hood of it failing or succeeding, merely that unlike CIG, elite & NMS have actually produced & released something.

            How about you get off your illiterate backside and explain how, if SC/SQ42 are ‘too big to fail’, that CIG has protection against failure rather than offering a guarantee that they will complete it.

          • Joe_Blober

            Do you know that Star Citizen is crowfunded and started with a team of 12 guys and 6 M$? Do not hesitate to ask if you can get it :)

          • Ulric L. Wolf

            Yup, and I know they’ve repeatedly changed the ToS to protect themselves not their ‘backers’.

            I also know you’ve been lying on Disqus and were ‘following’ my account trying to stalk me on Disqus.

          • Joe_Blober

            You should alerte a Mod in that case man.. except everything in your comment from first character to the final dot point is a lie :)

            All my comments can be retrieved by mod and they are all informative to Readers… good luck in your new crusade, you have even less chance of success against me than against SC :)

            As a web user and defender of the Free Internet Act it is my duty to provide and alternative view to project gathering +600.000 backers.
            Facts is that you twist and troncate information to give a false vision of what is CIG and SC. So don’t be surprise to see me as often as necessary.

            And we do not have to go to far. Your reply to Raphael in this very comment section say a lot about your behavior :)

          • Ulric L. Wolf

            Lol, no it’s not.. 4 days ago, you posted on an article ‘notifying’ the posters and mods that myself and three others were ‘searching’ for SC articles ” claiming the eeeennnd every quarter since 3 years”.

            Easy enough for anyone looking at my comment history..and the staff can look/confirm that you were following my account until I removed you as a follower last night.

            p.s. The word is truncate not ‘troncate’.
            p.s.s. Lol, we’ve got Joe_Blober the disqus version of a mall ninja.

          • Joe_Blober

            Quote Ulric L. Wolf: “you posted on an article ‘notifying’ the posters and mods that myself and three others were ‘searching’ for SC articles ” claiming the eeeennnd every quarter since 3 years”.”

            And I confirm this is what a handfull of guys are doing, I confirm and sign and everybody can see it in every single SC article.
            It is a fact that have to be mentionned.

            The Follow fonction on Disqus can be disabled. On or off. Call Disqus CEO and explain him that follow= stalking :)

            On or off this function is useless in your case man, you are on almost every SC article… And my duty as a responsible backer who respect others PC players is to provide alternate view of what is really CIG/SC to counter act some twisting/troncating facts and numbers.

            You don’t like it? Too bad :)

          • Ulric L. Wolf

            Lol so show us where I’ve been “claiming the eeeennnd every quarter since 3 years despite the numbers of backers doubling :)”

            …as already stated, anyone on any of the article can view my history and see for themselves.

          • kool

            Calm down dude, who cares what some asshole thinks? The game will be released eventually, until then expect haters.

          • Joe_Blober

            Nice name and in line with your recommendation :)

            yes I know that for sure. it is just that it is not good for any project, even if the impact is negligeable because a project much speak by itself, to have a bunch of haters or “expert” answering to each others to know if this is a scam a con or jpges.
            That could induce average Readers in error. I am just giving a little kick in the anthill just to say “hey here is some other angle, go check by yourself”.

            The fact CIG do provide free week-end access several times a years, despite being in Alpha hence bugs and somehow limited gameplay say a lot about transparency.

            Secondly those comments section are a very interesting social behavior platform of humankind. Looking how certains words fade out with time because they are hardly relevant even for those unaware of game state (like vaporware and con), to what haters turn their anger against – “delays” have now the Palm – and what they will shoot in 6 then12 months after majors patch and gameplay mechanism will be in place… I can already see a trend with Mods on differents sites being tired by those guys and either deleting their comments or banning them…. This is a major sign when professional start to send warning signal to low level Nay-sayers.

            I would be younger I would make a thesis on troll/hater behavior and their different types (sneaky one, sockpuppet account, mosntruous lies, forged “proof”.. and so on.

            Anyway, thanks for taking care.

          • kool

            Haters are what brought sc to my attention. They said it was a scam and I looked it up. Its clear the massive scale of the game is why the reason its not done yet. I watch the weekly updates, its cool to see them build this game. I think cig has a lot of rookies on their tho. I feel like the 3.0 update is cig becoming a real gaming studio out of the ragtag group of devs they assembled! I just hope they do a console version eventually so i can play.

          • Joe_Blober

            That exactly the point. Nay-sayers can have a point when clearly there are zero progress, kickstarter is done by totally unknown guys or with poor records….
            Shooting scam, vaporware or con 3 years ago could have been in theory possible (not with CR leading the team but let say on principle) but now with 3.0 coming and 2018 being the key year with muliple patch adding all the gameplay substance beside ship and FPS, full creation pipelines, game engine uptodate, 3 mplayable module and free week-end… that is totally stupid and have the merit to categorize those guys as total idiots even by remote readers.

            Haters are just giving free adverstising as people are always (often) attract by the inevitable click-bait article. Then they follow the article video link and are either stuned or at least keep the name in their head for further check later on.

            Haters are indeed very good salesperson :)

            About console, I hope CR can find and agreement with Sony/Microsoft to port SQ42 to the new console Gen… after release on PC.
            Those consoles are very capable to handle SQ42 as most TV set are in HD not 4K. Witcher 3 sold 1/3 to PC and 2/3 to consoles… more than 7 millions copies. I think it is financially healthy for CIG to go that way as all costs are already covered by PC gamers and consoles are just small factor PC but qstill quite punchy… And you will be able to play as well :)

  • ShootySpaceGame

    A quick and simple summary of the steps necessary to get a refund for this “game”:
    1) Create an offline copy of your hangar log and other account details.
    2) Calculate the expected refund amount. Subscriptions, tickets to events and shipped physical items are not refundable. Notice that if you have received any gifts, CIG will refund you only up to the amount you have spent yourself.
    3) Request a full refund via email. Be polite but firm. Include your RSI account name and the expected refund amount, and give them a reasonable deadline (two weeks is fine).
    4) You may receive an email asking you to reconsider. There’s no need to argue your position, simple “I would like to proceed with my refund” will do.
    5) That’s it.
    They can NOT deny your refund. Get out while you can.

    • Mane Vr

      man this is crazy this game is going to be amazing.. y r u pushing for people to jump out

      • Troll killer

        I know 2 $1000 backers that have gotten out, the whole things a shame. My favorite space game of all time is Free Lancer. But when I heard 1000s for one ship. I’ said no way I’m backing that. This is going to be like GTA Online. PTW

        • Mane Vr

          I think it’s crazy to do 1000s but this game in vr will be the closest game to the oasis like in RP1

          • Scion

            This game has a dedicated group of people who’ve made it their purpose to trash it in the comments on any article that is even remotely positive about it.

            After so many posts one can actually start to feel who owns each sockpuppet by their vocab and sentence structure. It’s about 5 true diehards with another 6 or so part timers.

            Everyone need’s a hobby, but their obsession is concerning. They’ve been at it for years now without making a dent in the project’s funding rate.

        • Joe_Blober

          You should start by killing yourself man with such a name :)

          Starter package is 45$ no more. You got the game for that value cheaper than any Triple-A, no need to spend one extra cents.

          And the story of “I got my money back” are proven to be massively false/forged like Glassdoor with the ex-employee “revelation”, here a short sample: “I worked for CR and he forced me to carry him on my back!”
          … all fake.
          +2M£ of new pledges on average every month… a pure tragedy :)

          Patch 3.0 is coming in a few weeks and a massive flow of new backers are going to join… more every month. And for those who want to wait on the fence till release, no problem, crowfunding is not for everyone.

      • M0NKMAN

        Because he’s spiteful and a troll…. I just don’t get people on the internet sometimes. Some people just want to see the world burn.. :)

    • PK

      when i found out the vr support wasn’t coming anytime soon, i insisted on a refund, polite but firm, and there was zero budging from them. i felt like i deserved it out of principle since i have no interested in playing games on my flat monitor. and while i do think they should give vr investors their money back, i’m not all that mad because i still approve of what they’re doing. this is, eventually, going to be the most spectacular vr world to explore. i just have to be way more patient than i was led to believe.

    • Joe_Blober

      And our little troll ShootySpaceGame + Fundamentalist Daleks doing their daily job to soil this project… Why don’t you use anymore scam, vaporware or con? … because it is harder every quarter rightwith every patch coming and more pledges and backers every single month :)

  • Henree

    well if they do then I will definitely get on board, I am currently playing Elite Dangerous but this does look super interesting as well, I just don’t want to play it on a monitor. The thing though is…how to get this to run at 90 FPS. It would definitely require VR crossfire/sli tech to be implemented as well.

    • Troll killer

      ED run fine on my Oculus no double cards just one 970

      • Henree

        a 970 will only barely run Elite Dangerous and you can forget about Star Citizen, even in 2d mode.

        • Robert Cummings

          My 980 gtx ti runs ED like a dream, both in and out of VR, and runs what there is of Star Citizen just fine.

        • yag

          ASW works well with Elite, so you only need 45fps min.

        • Spiritrunner

          I run a single 3-gig video card and SC runs fine. Maybe take a look at your ram and processor, and maybe even the power supply. You can have the strongest GPU in the world but if the rest of the computer can’t feed the process then the system still chokes out.

          For reference, my basic system specs;
          16 gig ddr2 ram
          core I-5 (second generation) intel
          5500 motherboard (can’t remember the brand name)
          12000 rpm hard drive
          radeon r9 280 (3gig gpu)
          Winblows 10 from win7 upgrade

          My system is actually really dated, the tower, powersource, motherboard, and cpu are all original from almost eight years ago. My powersource is tapped enough that I would go over it’s draw rating if i added a second card, but as it is the system is stable and runs star citizen with only the occasional bit of chop if i try to turn my perspective rapidly or if the screen has too many objects in it Even then it takes a fair bit. I can fly through the asteroid fields without chop and only a small framerate bounce between 25-35 frames per second.

          And for the master-racers that demand 60 fps or bust, the human eye can seamlessly discern at 30 without being able to notice the individual frames. 60 is smoother, true, but completely unnecessary.

          As proof, watch tv. Can’t count the frames? Well, it runs on 30 fps. Even HD channels. Well, small caveat on the hd thing- I haven’t caught up on the latest offerings for television over the last year (what with Netflix and Youtube) so that might have changed.

          As a quick post-note… I’m not sure if it is still the case but operating systems might need to have an option or two enabled before it will even recognize ram over a certain amount. When i first upgraded my system to 16 gig it only recognized 12 of it. i had to take it into a PC shop who were also stumped until they did some research and went into the windows settings/config to tell it to remove the ram cap and run using all detected memory.

    • Isaac Maxwell

      sli/crossfire is not vr friendly.

      the lag created when the 2 cards communicate will create noticeable frame drops in vr

  • Joe_Blober

    To Readers and site Moderators:

    And of course we have one of the ten trolls and alts rushing to every single SC article to spit their hater… those two already there :

    ShootySpaceGame, Ulrich.LWolf, Fundamentalist Daleks

    All claiming the eeeennnd every quarter since 3 years despite the numbers of backers doubling :)

    If you are looking for info just look at facts below, real feedback on top of those provided by Ben, and not trollish fud, here is the link to latest monthly report made by CIG that demonstrate what they have done. To be available in SC 3.0 patch in a few weeks

    Since 2015 CIG got twice more backers and funds. The 5 last patch are scheduled between end of August (3.0 to end of 2018 (4.0)

    The team started end of Nov. 2012 with 12 person and 6M$. Amazing job done, better than any Publishers. Of course the 156M$ have not been spend yet but are needed to keep the team of now +428 delivering remaining patch.

    • NooYawker

      Are you saying there’s a group of guys who search the internet just to post hatful things about star citizen??

      • Joe_Blober

        ShootySpaceGame is one of the alts of D.Zunner. He is the lowest level of them and just copy past his fud every where… Or Ulric L. Wolf, more subtil but always finishing sentence with something about funding … understand inevitable bankrupcy… promised since 3 years already:)

        Pretty desperate guys, with zero impact as people can find easily what is Star Citizen by following links provided by articles and Star Citizen ATV’s (Around The Verse) on youtube

        You have players who understand crowfunding and that a company starting with 12 guys can’t deliver a triple-A in 3 years, they become backers (starter package is 45$), those waithing on the fence the patch that will bring the gameplay they are waiting for like exploration, mining, repair, salvage… or just… female character :)… and those few haters (10 plus alts), some even banned from CIG years ago because of harrassment against CIG staff.

        • NooYawker

          That smear campaign really works. Until a short time ago I thought there was no game. And only today did I ever watch any gameplay videos. I’ve never seen anything like it. The sheer scale and details is amazing.

          • Raphael

            Welcome to the truth flappy. SC is a groundbreaking work with a level of detail never before seen in any game.

      • Ulric L. Wolf

        Seems kinda funny that Joe here is tossing names making accusations, yet how many posts of ours did you find here prior to his comment?

        I think it’s funny, that for some reason Joe_Blober was listed as one of my ‘followers’, seems kind of ‘stalkish’ doesn’t it?

        Reality, Joe’s full of shyte. Get him to show you all these posts of myne claiming ‘the eeeennnd every quarter since 3 years”. :-)

        • Spiritrunner

          all one needs to do is click on your name. it’s a link to your profile info which includes recent posts and discussions. easy for individuals to vet out for themselves.

          • Ulric L. Wolf

            Yes, I know… provided one doesn’t ‘hide’ their profile.

    • Nairobi

      You do realize more money makes it that much more of a giant disappointment thus far right?

      • Joe_Blober

        You do realize that money have nothing to do for a success of a project if the team supporting it does not provide everything it can? +428 team do not work for free. An MMO cost every year, from development to support.

  • Antony A

    Give it a decade or so, I’m sure it’ll be added.

    • Jason Mercieca

      True! Whats the point, after 3 years still no release date for finished product, but i think expecting them to release the full version within a decade is too much wishful thinking..

      • NooYawker

        Seems like they released a lot of game considering all the gameplay footage from people posted on youtube.

        • That’s what I’m wondering; Isn’t the game already out?

          You can just buy a ship and get into the beta right now. I’ve see it on their website. It might be “Early Access”, but it still playable right now… at least from what I’ve seen.

          • Joe_Blober

            There are three modules already playable:
            – Arena Commander (Ships combat)
            – Star marine (FPS)
            – PU (Persistent Universe)

            Patch 3.0 will bring beginning of September landing and exploring on Moons (1/3 the size of the real one :) it will need weeks to walk around it :)

            The game is in development and backers do play those modules mainly for test and fun.
            Multiplayer is possible in ships!

          • Ulric L. Wolf

            Not a beta, it’s still pre-alpha state… if/when they release the 3.0, it’ll be the first step toward an integrated ‘whole’ and resembling a true ‘alpha’ state.

            The current ‘release’ estimate for 3.0 was last listed as Early September. Considering the current status and their process, a ‘release’ of 3.0 is most likely going to be Sept 22 or later.

      • Raphael

        It always amazes me how people can only rant about a game taking too long and completely fail to see the incredible result even in alpha state. There are many games people believed were never coming: Stalker, Prey, Doom 3 and they were pretty bog-standard games by comparison.

        Take a look on steam and you’ll see most games are “early access”. SC is no different. It’s available in alpha just like so many games appearing on steam.

        SC will never really be finished. Just like Elite Dangerous it will undergo continuous expansion.

    • Chris Theis

      So they will have VR support when the game releases then, great news!

  • scotty 2ridge

    This is not VR news, the statements made by the developer make little sense “its designed to be visible to your in game character as well” – that’s pure gibberish. This is a crowd funding company that has spent the past half a decade touting press and marketing crowd funded tech demos to raise their profile and sell P2W style assets. The one attempt at VR they did during the DK1 era was appalling and barely worked without a huge amount of messing about on the cryengine console, hacking config files and subsequent patching before they lost interest in maintaining it.

    You won’t be playing anything (officially) Star Citizen related in your current VR hardware and it’s a constant distraction from real VR innovation from companies actually bothering to test & develop their work in consumer hardware. It’s frankly insulting seeing same old “Chris Roberts dreamed about peeing in VR last night” stories when there is so much real VR stuff to talk about right now.

    • Spiritrunner

      Not entirely gibberish. It has to do with being believable for the brain and easier on the eyes. By making the menu appear as a 3d object attached to an arm slightly away from camera, it lets the brain continue the illusion without going ‘Waitaminute, something isn’t right here”. Proper vr requires attention to visual and also psychological processing of information. Vertigo is a result of the brain in essence arguing with itself.

      This is why some games have actually implemented options to put your head into a Virtual cage or window-frame. it gives a stable object the eyes and brain can focus on to explain why you are surrounded by motion visually, but the body isn’t actually moving. it allows one to ‘believe’ they are inside of a vehicle or other object and being moved around.

      This is similar to why i don’t go watch 3d movies these days. they aren’t filmed properly. they film in 2d then add dimension after. Which means that your brain cacks because you have two separate perspectives arguing with each other. For example in a conversation scene, filmers use a technique of switching camera focus between the characters to emphasize who you should be paying attention to without them actually moving. Now, watch it in 3D where their depth of field stays the same and feel your eyes cramp trying to adjust. Sight works by combining focus and perspective. when one changes without the other matching, the brain -really- doesn’t like it.

      TL:DR- there is a LOT more to VR than just letting the 3d engine make things as they are. perspective, focus, body input, and psychology need to be taken into account.

  • Troll killer

    hmm thought they were going bankrupt

    • Scion

      Isn’t this the 8th time DS has claimed “90 days tops”? Surely he’ll be right on the 9th guess! Face it, he’s the Mayan calendar of the game’s industry.

  • Ghosty


  • Nikos Tsarmpopoulos

    VR hasn’t been supported so far but, if design allows for it, there is hope.

  • Fundamentalist Daleks

    How can anyone take these jerks seriously after five solid years of lying about VR support.

    • Epistolarius

      “lying about VR support”? The game hasn’t even been in development for five years, and they haven’t lied about VR support either. But go on spouting your made up BS.

      • Ulric L. Wolf

        KS ‘ended’ Nov 2012, Chris himself states development started before the KS…
        So yes, it’s been in development 5 years.

  • No.
    VR bad
    At least for a game like star citizen
    Maybe specific gamemodes may be for VR idk, but what they really need to work on is getting all the writing and scripting sorted for the campaigns and missions, as well as replayability features
    EDIT: IMO if they can get a sort of cross-over between no man’s sky and destiny without needless (endless) grinding and actually good writing then this game can become a hit. There’s a reason why world of warcraft is so popular, maybe star citizen can hit that market.

    • yag

      VR good


    I think it would be awesome if it was implanted for only when you enter your ship

  • Jason Mercieca

    Problem is im 46 years old, by the time this game is finished i be probably 80 years old and in no condition for vr….
    Game looks awesome, but they are upgrading everything every time and like that there will be no end to this game to be completed, they should have stick to the tech quality of the 2014 and finish the game with that and further on work on the game further and update it, but as it is there seem no end to this game…

  • Piloting a ship in VR is easy, but I’m curious what they do about the extensive first person movement. So far it’s pretty much teleportation or take-your-motion-sickness-pills and hope for the best with free movement.

    As for in-game VR menus, that’s not too hard. I’ve made many in the Unreal 4 Engine. You 2D the 3D intersection of the cursor off a head or fingertip trace and use any old menu the same way you use a mouse normally.

    Doing menus in 3D isn’t new nor is it difficult. We’re WAY past thinking that’s a challenge. On the other hand, good character movement is still a difficult question without any great answers.

    • Pablo C

      In my experience (Xrebirth, Minecraft), dizziness comes much more often when you turn continously with the stick, not when you walk with the stick.

  • Raphael

    Great news. I will be buying sc when the vr is added.

  • Sam Illingworth

    I was so excited by that one little throwaway line in this week’s ATV! :D

    I think this might need to wait for 2nd gen headsets though – I don’t see this UI being readable at current resolutions.

  • HeavyGroovez

    With the FPS locomotion its going to be a huge task to implement comprehensively and effectively. In cockpit, sure, Elite has proved it. But SC has a shit ton of free motion loco which distresses your vestibular system and causes pretty heavy nausea – even in seasoned VR users. It would require a dedicated teleport system and I don’t anticipate them making it a priority.

    • yag

      X-Rebirth VR have found a simple solution : you can switch to flat screen at any moment just by taking of your headset. So the FPS parts can be played in 2d with kbd & mouse.

      • Spiritrunner

        There are other options as well… some more complicated than others.

        For example in real life, the brain basically turns off the input from the eyes every time they move. You are literally blind for the fraction of a second your eyeballs are rotating so you don’t see blurry input and get dizzy. Something similar could be (maybe) implemented. but the technical behind it is really high because it requires the ‘eyes’ of the model being the camera point, and to have the camera behave independently of the body similar to real eyes.

        A simpler (though immersion breaking) method is to put a cage, bars, or frame within your line of vision that is stable and unmoving. it helps the brain believe you are inside something stationary (like a cockpit or driver’s seat). It helps the brain accept the idea that you have movement without actually moving

  • Devolta

    And not 0.5 years ago did you guys write an article about “no VR for this game”

    The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of money being spent on marketing and advertisement which serves as smoke and mirrors to cover the poor management for the development of this game. It’s not a “Woo! We just received VR support!” piece of news, it’s a “No wait guys you are getting VR this time Im serious” scenario. We are again back to the original promise of VR integration from 5 years ago. If I wanted flip flops, I’d watch Hillary’s campaign videos not Star Citizen.

  • Jona Adams

    By time the game supports it, the video card technology will advance enough to render it. And when it happens, you can bet I’ll be playing this in VR. No doubt.

  • SheaSnake

    After carefully checking current Alpha game state and project situation, I did join the SC community yesterday. Got a Starter Mustang starter package for 54$ in expectation. just in time for 3.0 and 2018.
    And most of my friends are waiting for 3.0 release in few weeks to join me!

  • Robin Doran

    They better release VR for Star Citizen, it’s so easy now a days for video game companies to pretend there working on promised features, there just hoping we forget. NO! I won’t forget, at this point it’s a race of wits, will Star Citizen or No Man’s Sky be the first to introduce VR? If it’s NMS then am totally trashing Star Citizen! No need to waste money on them any longer. The complete disgrace and shame of there lethargic, procrastination, it makes my blood boil. I understand all the work there doing and granted it’s amazing, but they could at the very least show some ambition for VR, not the shiftless, inactive behavior they seem to cling for. :_(

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    It will never be VR, if they could, they would have already done it by now. Their 3D engine probably cannot support VR because it is locked to 30fps physics or because they use old libraries that cannot support VR. They lie exactly like No Man Sky. Don’t waste your time and buy Elite Dangerous VR.