Sony’s PlayStation VR press event at GDC today saw some long-awaited announcements, including price and a preview of a number of titles coming to the platform. Among them was the surprise announcement that a VR version of Battlefront will be coming exclusively to the platform.

Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House took the stage today at Sony’s press event, announcing that Lucasfilm, DICE and EA would be bringing a Star Wars Battlefront title to the $399 VR headset, a newly revealed price made public just moments ago.

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“We’re partnering with EA and Lucasfilm to make a Star Wars Battlefront PSVR exclusive experience/title,” said House, making sure to note that more information would be ‘coming soon’ about the PSVR exclusive.

This story is breaking. Check back for more information on PSVR and the newly announced Star Wars Battlefront PSVR exclusive.

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  • VR mode for Star Wars Battlefront was the first thing I thought of when I saw the leaked pictures on Engadget for ‘Trials on Tatooine’. While the game was a little underwhelming I’m glad it’s going to be getting the VR treatment, but a little sad it’s going to be exclusive to PSVR.

    Although, to be fair, it makes perfect sense. The PS4 version has a much more active user base than the PC version.

    And for those hoping it gets updated on the PC, I wouldn’t hold my breath.This will also most likely be an actual exclusive feature and not a timed exclusive because there are several technical hurdles EA/DICE would need to figure out to get the VR working on PC with either the Vive or Rift.

    They would have to develop their own VR API/Driver solution for Origin unless they released an updated game client on the Oculus or Steam storefronts using their SDK’s which is unlikely given EA’s recent history.

    But I’ve been wrong before and I will definitely be wrong again.

    • Jason Hensley

      hate to break it to you, but the VR Experience isn’t the game. Its a world immersion different the usual game we currently use

    • Jared Tapia

      VR on PC isn’t nearly that closed. You have never needed to tie into the Steam or Oculus stores in order to use the VR headsets, the games just need to support the drivers that Oculus and Valve release. In fact, it would be MORE likely that we get Battlefront VR on PC than PS4 because of the open-nature of VR control on PC. To me, it seems like this exclusivity is merely because Sony paid EA enough to only develop the VR for their platform.

      So, just so we’re clear, it is much easier to get VR support on PC’s right now than on consoles just from a practical software standpoint, and this excusivity is likely a deal EA and Sony made.

  • Sky Castle

    Damnit I already preordered Oculus and Vive. I thought that was more than enough VR I need but now it looks like I’ll have to add PSVR to my list.

  • Pobrecito hablador

    Sony and EA, nothing good could come out of that. I hate these exclusive deals, but i didn’t expect better from them. The Oculus betrayal to the comunity hurt more.