ILMxLAB today announced that Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, the studio’s next VR project in the Star Wars universe, is coming exclusively to Quest next month. A second episode is said to arrive sometime in 2021.

ILMxLAB announced in an Oculus blogpost today that Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is launching on the Quest platform on November 19th, 2020.

The studio has also released a new trailer which shows a lot more action, story, and characters than we’ve seen before. Check it out below:

The studio further announced that Frank Oz, the puppeteer and original voice actor for Yoda, will be reprising his role as the pint-sized Jedi Master.

In addition to Oz’s reprisal of Yoda, C-3PO will be voiced by series original actor Anthony Daniels. Star Wars voice actor veteran Matthew Wood is also playing Black Spire Outpost’s Droid Depot, Mub.

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It was revealed earlier this summer that Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live, Star Wars Resistance) is set to play Seezelslak, an Azumel bartender. Debra Wilson (Mad TV, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order) is voicing Tara Rashin, a Quarren pirate and leader of the local Guavian Death Gang working on Batuu.

In the experience, you take on the role of a droid repair technician. Following a crash landing on Batuu as a result of a pirate attack, you find yourself swept up into a new adventure on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost. Chatting with Seezelslak in his cantina, you’ll find yourself transported to other locations and times in the Star Wars galaxy, spurred on by his penchant for telling tall tales.

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    • Michael Lupton

      So if a game has a linear story it doesn’t count as a game to you?

      • Yeah that’s exactly what I said. Send your complaints to Oculus who have Vader under experiences and not games, don’t involve me with your shit translations from comments in English to whatever you assume/add, sir.

        • jimmy

          please leave

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          “I….am your father”

          But, I will take your advice. Thanks, peach!

        • Andrew Jakobs

          Uhm, you are clearly the on that is acting like an ignorant attention seeking child with spamming the topics with these lists.. No need for doing that. You go spamming because you don’t like road to vr is not showing those games.. You’ve been told many times now not to do it, by many users.. We get your point about being disappointed by road to vr, but please refrain from spamming. Just keep sending those lists to road-to-vr’s tip emailaddress or maybe even try a conversation that you are willing to do a daily or weekly article with reviewing all these games..

    • Andrew Jakobs

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    • Jesus Christ! why do you even allow links in comments? You just invite trolls like this guy.

    • Pablo C

      I agree with you, but Vader immortal was cheap, so, $10 for a fairly decent SW experience, I find it right. Really, most $10 VR games are just experiences, and even some $40´s still are (i.e. Stormland)

      • How is Stormland an “experience”, it barely has any story, it’s pure shooting fun throughout.

        • Pablo C

          It´s the experience of being a BA spy robot (and not much else)

          • marcandrdsilets

            I think he mostly trying to explain that the game mechanics in Stormland are tighter and more evolved compared to your typical vr “experience”.

            I don’t think that beign a “vr experiences” is pejorative.

            Fruit ninja VR is purely a game, it’s not the “experience” of slicing fruits :P

          • Pablo C

            You´re right, VR experiences are amazing. It´s just that right now, it feels like most VR experiences were already exploited (the sword experience, the light saver, the gun, the climb, the spaceship, the robot etc). They certainly can do with more refining, but It seems time to start with the actual full games, that includes a well crafted story line, etc. So far, IMO, the only full VR game available is Alyx. The other full VR games are ports or VR experiences (ok, may be there are other full VR games out there, but they aint great).

    • marcandrdsilets

      I don’t get why everybody is all angry about what you are saying here. In my opinion this starwars “games or whatever we want to call it” is also closer to an experience than an actual game, and… that’s not a bad things in my opinion. Is it? Don’t know I don’t understand why people say you are trolling here.

      People wants to live the starwars universe, give them a nice environment with their favorite characters, some fan service and it’s gonna be great! That doesn’t mean it’s a bad VR project at all! There’s nothing negative about it, it’s still very enjoyable.

      I’m a vr developper and I’ve build projects for amusement park and they were closer to experience than game and they were still awesome VR projects ;)

      I would also get defensive if I was feeling everybody would be against me on a neutral post like this one.

  • eckehard

    Fantastic – beautiful – I enjoy it ..

  • xyzs

    Again a 45 minute “””game””” that will be overrated because there is a star wars skin on top of it?

    • Let’s hope not :)

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Looking at the trailer and the objectives, It hink it will be much longer..

    • Adrian Meredith

      The developer on reddit confirmed it will about the length of all three episodes of vader immortal so probably only around 2 hours at most. However he did openly admit that vader was designed as a “Guided Cinematic Experience” whereas he said this is an actual game where you can die etc and is far more open

      • Ad

        Does he mean this episode or both of the episodes? Also I wonder if a guided experience is more dense in content than a non guided one.

    • marcandrdsilets

      So simply change your vocabulary and say it’s a 45min experience. Now it makes sense doesn’t it ? :P

  • Amazing… but honestly the trailer is a bit too slow. I’m sure the game will be cool, though

  • Pablo C

    How is this not for PCVR is out of my understanding. I get the marketing points, but at this point of VR development it seems like a missed oportunity (art-wise) for the SW franchise (that shouldnt need that much money). Vader immortal dojo is certainly more fun in the Quest (untethered), but the art of the actual game can only be appreciated in PCVR.

    • kontis

      Console exclusivity is a concept known for decades. I have no idea how something so simple can be out of your understanding. Of course this has nothing to do with technical factors.

      • Pablo C

        I´ll put it this way for your understanding: How is not the SW francise strong enough to reject the artistic (and marketing) “meh”, that might result of an exclusive Quest title, vs the oportunity to make an artistic (and marketing) mark in this new media, as it did before in other media, when the economic risk and investment was actually higher (considering the relative sizes of the industry and the company).

        Of course Oculus wants exclusives, any dumb would know that. It amaze me how the SW francise is an exclusive.

        • Ad

          Because Facebook is willing to pay and they don’t feel like trying to do it alone. Also because Facebook deludes people, some people who have worked on their software legit think that “Oculus“ just “is” VR.

          • Pablo C

            Again, not talking about Facebook, I´m talking about the SW franchise.

      • marcandrdsilets

        I Think what Pablo is trying to say is that it could be a Oculus exclusive without being a Quest exclusive. It would still requires a oculus headset with a oculus/facebook account but we could have the full high quality version just like vader immortal was released on both version.

    • Ad

      Because people who bought Rifts and Rift S’s were early adopters being cast aside. Also Vader Immortal was much better with index controllers.

      • Pablo C

        Why is it so hard to understand that I´m not talking about Facebook, that I´m talking about Star wars? Come on guys, let´s some use some of those cores! (in our heads)

    • marcandrdsilets

      I agree with you, it’s very impressive to see what they have done with the quest version but it would be amazing to see a true full resolution/shader version on PC.