ILMxLAB and Oculus today announced that Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge Part II is coming to Quest later this year.

Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge (2020) launched on Quest in November 2020, bringing with it an action-adventure experience that puts you in middle of a conflict between space pirates. You need to recover some very important (and very recognizable) stolen droids, blast away at enemy pirates, and scrounge for all manner of loot. You’re not a Jedi, but you do have a jet pack.

Although it’s only a drip of information for now, ILMxLab has revealed two new characters coming to the series. The first is ‘Dok-Ondar’, a visitor from the Den of Antiquities, seen on the right. On the left is his trusty translation droid, seen ostensibly helping his Ithorian pal hashing out a deal in Seezelslak’s Cantina.

Image courtesy ILMxLab, Oculus

If this installment is anything like the first, we’re likely to see a steady drip of information come out as we get closer to launch.

The series is said to conclude after its fourth installment. ILMXLab says to “[k]eep an eye out for more details as we prepare for launch later this year.”

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  • xyzs

    Wow again the episode system…. but now 3 time the price per mediocre episode.

    They have the nerves at lucasfilm to juice people money to the max.

    If only they used half of this talent just to make decent movies….

  • Every damn thing in the announcements were “coming later this year” ….

  • Jonathan Winters III

    Noice! They did a great job on the first one.

  • So basically they have released a picture… ahahaha