The Steam Summer Sale is here and runs through July 9th. For the first time the event puts Half-Life: Alyx on sale, bringing the price down to $45 (25% discount), and you’ll get another $5 off Alyx or any other purchase over $30. Heaps more VR games like BoneworksWalking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Vacation Simulator, Until You Fall, and Pavlov VR are on sale too.

Half-Life: Alyx launched just a few months ago and was quickly crowned as one of VR’s best games to date [our review]. If its critical acclaim wasn’t enough to make you pull the trigger, Alyx is now on sale for the first time during the Steam Summer Sale. You’ll save 25% on the game, and an extra $5 on any purchase of $30 or more thanks to the ‘Road Trip Special’ deal that’s part of the Summer Sale.

The Steam Summer Sale has also brought discounts to hundreds of other VR titles. Here’s a handful that caught our eye:

12 Indie VR Gems You Should Absolutely Consider Playing & Supporting

You can see the complete list of VR games discounted for the Steam Summer Sale here.

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  • Andrew Jakobs

    I’ve bought myself already a ton of crap, haha..

  • Zack71

    But can I play with TWD S&S bought on Steam Vr with Oculus Quest?

    • Only with the Link

      • Zack71

        Yes I know. Or, better, with Visual Desktop sideloaded.
        What I mean is: can I play with a game (like TWD S&S) that I bought on Steam VR and that is also present in the Oculus Store?

      • Kris Bunch

        You can do it wirelessly with Virtual Desktop. It is very easy to setup. Here is the guide I used:

        You should see your SteamVR titles in the Oculus library, but only on your PC.

  • And Payday 2 is only at $1!

  • antonio mora

    V Racer HoverBike if you want to play WipeOut on PC, is the closest.