If you’re still rebounding from Steam’s Winter sale a few months ago, well, your wallet is in for some ‘Spring cleaning’ as both Steam and Viveport have put out some heavy discounts on top VR titles.

On Steam, some notable VR games at steep discounts are (prices shown with discount applied):

  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew ($20)
  • The Talos Principle VR ($20)
  • Space Pirate Trainer ($9) 
  • I Expect You to Die ($20)
  • In Death ($15)
  • Sprint Vector ($21)
  • Fallout 4 VR ($42)

As it stands now, there are over 60 VR titles on sale through Steam, so make sure to check out the full list of titles here.

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There is some overlap with the Viveport sale, but don’t write it off just yet. If you own an HTC Vive and are invested in the Viveport ecosystem, you can get a $10 Viveport Wallet credit, and a one-month Viveport Subscription code when you purchase any three titles.

Check out the full list of Viveport sale titles here.

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  • PJ

    Bought StandOut, refunded StandOut.

    I enjoyed the game, and there seems to be a decent playerbase. But the gun play wasn’t anywhere near as satisfying as Onward, Pavlov or BAM.
    Despite the having the lowest playbase out of all the VR shooters I have mentioned, BAM has the best guns in VR hands down. The ability to change you sights in game too is just fantastic.

    Looking forward to Pavlov’s Battle Royale mode, it ‘could’ be really special

    • Luke

      I’m waiting for PBR too.

    • jj

      Thank you for saying that about BAM I completely agree that the guns are the best in BAM. Not only can you change scopes but there are 45 degree attachments that allow you to place additional scopes on the side at an angle. Its amazing.

      • PJ

        It’s criminally underrated and under played. In a couple of years there’s going to be a major AAA VR FPS that sells like crazy, and I bet it’s still not as feature rich with and has worse guns than BAM.

        Sadly due to my working hours and family life when I get to play VR I check the BAM server list and it’s usualy Dead in my GMT time, so if I can’t get a game I load up Pavlov.